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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trying to get back to normal!

What is normal...I wonder.

Well my snow lasted only a be blasted with sheeting rain (1inch just during the night) and a Force 9 Gale which was quite frightening, especially the way the glass in my huge bedroom window was flexing in and out. Finally some power line went down and we were with out electricity for a few hours. I can't even imagine what it must be like to try and restore power during a gale. Well done to them.

The still frozen fields...frozen for over three weeks...just couldn't absorb all this rain....which just poured on to the roads.....causing more flooding. Last night they froze again.....more icy roads. When will it end.
Today has been beautiful, warmish at 6C and so sunny.....but it's freezing over again now!

I have ventured out into the dye studio as I was suffering withdrawal symptoms! Dying to try something new as well as colours that I MUST dye.

Miranda sent me a photo of a doiley she has made for her mother. It is edged with a design by Tatman Fleur De Lys in size 40 Vanilla Sky and has butterflies by Jane Eb on the fabric in Size 80 Vanilla Sky.

It looks beautiful to me.

During the Christmas period I did manage to tat another snowflake from Lene Bjorn's Book 24 Snowflakes in Tatting.

This one is the Seventeenth Day Of December.

The thread is another Altin Basak  and the snowflake measures 9.5cm.
It took....Sh1 6m,  Sh2 5.75m.
It was easy to tat and I have only one crib about the diagram.
In the diagram she shows only 5 free picots in the outer ring, but on her tatted piece there are  7.

Last night I got out my TAT Artisan Pack, still unfinished after at least two years (it was last years resolution to finish it!!). Two parts are finished.  Two more were started.  Eight more scare the life out of me!

I have learned so much in the last two years that I can attack it with renewed vigour...tho' there are still some bits that look HARD!
Tatting for this is difficult because I cannot show you...but it would be great to finish it. Spurred on by others who are now Master Tatters.......I must get down to it. The piece that I am working on has been made much better by Jane Eb's suggested ways to close a SCMR.   nuff said.


  1. Much luck with the TAT. I know you can do it! And I can't wait to see what you're dyeing up now (especially since I know what it is ;)!

  2. I really wish I had learned about TAT earlier in my Tatting Journey. I've read the general requirements for each stage; and reaching the top level is indeed a real accomplishment. Kudos to you; of course, it helps that your tatting is just perfect (I KNOW< I own a few pieces).
    I hope the weather improves for all my friends in Tat Land. We've gotten off pretty well here in the southern edge of NM.
    XXX Bev

  3. Lol, I'm at the same place with apprentice. The last piece is so monotonous, it's taken me months. I hope to have it all finished and sent in by the end of the week. Maybe we can encourage each other to keep going!

  4. Isn't Miranda's doily gorgeous! - but for me,seeing it has signified the "real" end of the Christmas season, time to get back into everyday life.
    Thank goodness you eased us into it with just one more snowflake!

  5. The doily is lovely!!!! and your snowflake just love the colours I will have to make a start on mine sometime as well!!!!!!! Would love to have a bit of your cold weather it is hot here in Qld.

  6. I finally received my 24 snowflakes book but after looking carefully through it a number of times, I'm not quite ready to do them in order like you're doing. I've actually only completed one so far and it's about No. 16 or 18-- all rings. As I gain a little more confidence I'll try your "in order" challenge. Yours are gorgeous!

  7. Hi there, friend! THAT DOILY is absolutely gorgeous! Well, now, you've got me edging a little closer to trying out that TAT program. I toss it around every once in a while. Maybe I will just dig in one of these days.

  8. Hi Bev, TAT is a real challenge, It is the most stressful tatting that I do!! I ALWAYS make a mistake when I am trying so hard not to. But I do learn a lot.

    Thanks Krystle we will keep ourselves going...especially when we have declared it publicly! Glad to have your company.

    Maureen, yes her doiley is wonderful. Sorry that I misled you, I do have just one more snowflake and that's the end!

    Hi Typs, tatting a snowflake will cool you down!! maybe!

    Hi Beelizabeth, If you want any help at all, do please ask. The in order challenge was..just that...a challenge.

    Hi Chic. I guess TAT is as stressful as you let it be. I guess I want 100% if I am going to do it at all. No seriously it is very good.

  9. hi
    the doily is lovely!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thanks to everyone who has complimented the doily. I still say, though, that it's really Tatskool's beautiful HDT that makes it so good. :)

  11. The doily looks beautiful to me too!!!!

  12. Love theat Vanilla sky! And the snowflake is very pretty.

    You go, Tatskool! Plow right on through TAT Two! Good for you! Your tatting is so precise and delicate - you are already a master!

    Fox : )

  13. I am so glad that the doiley got such a wonderful reception and appreciation. Way to go thread did have a part to play but only a small part.

    Thanks Fox, you are already spurring me on...but you may need to keep at me!


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