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Monday, January 11, 2010

More Snowflakes!

Back to December the 3rd...can you remember so far back???

I just had to finish tatting this one in all my Rainbow Bright colours.

First is Blue.....

......then comes Indigo

...and finally Violet.

One last thing before I put them to bed is to see them all together.

OH      MY     GOSH!

Next time you can expect a different snowflake.....hope you get it!!


  1. Those snowflakes don't have fluffy centers - they are FLOOOFY!

    a gazillion picots, that's what!

  2. Love the colours and the design, I would think you could tat the snowflakes off by heart now!

  3. Thanks Fox.

    Crazy mom what a super word, love it.

    Yup Sally I can, makes them so inviting to thinking, still make the odd mistake tho' when I get too complacent!....on to Jane's butterfly now tho! going to be just as addictive.

  4. These snowflakes are very beautiful. Sei bravissima.

  5. LOL! I have one of those centers! Started for Xmas but it was turning out to be for my purpose so I set it aside. Aren't those the cutest little floooofy (as CM says) centers?

  6. What a beautiful collection of brightly colored snowflakes!

  7. Rainbow heaven! - I love the picture of them all together!So many people don't like tatting the same pattern twice, but I think you could spend months on these and not repeat a colour.
    How about doing them all over again, this time with Rainbow Centres? - is that the different snowflake you have in mind?

  8. Those snowflakes are just gorgeous, the colours are brilliant so vibrant.....

  9. I love 'em all! I do believe that is my favorite flake in the book!

  10. Grazie mille, Carla.

    Yes Gina the floooofys are are the best bit, go finish your snowflake!

    Thanks Paula.

    Maureen, you don't really get to know a pattern until you tat it twice. I don't really like the centers in varig' thread, but maybe i should try your suggestion but not 7 times!! had enough!

    Thanks TypsTatting.

  11. Well it is now Diane!I think I might have flogged this one to death! must do something new, must do something new, must do something new!!

  12. Lovely. Nothing beats your rainbow thread! =)

  13. Well, I for one, do not believe a pattern so lovely could ever be flogged to death. Perhaps you feel as if you have been tortured by the repetition.

    But again, from this end of the blogger chain, the floofies are simply grand! No color is more or less than STUNNING with the Rainbow Bright petals.

    Having three tatting assistants makes for complicated you carry veto power?

  14. Wow, that's a colorful mat you could make there with all those snowflakes!

  15. I never get tired of Rainbow Brite family! And, I agree about tatting the same design repeatedly.
    Donnacha received his own 'serape' for Christmas when he went to the wedding in El Paso (he didn't get to go to the wedding, but went shopping). He was jealous of all the cousins news so now he wants a photo with his new Serape. He wants a sombrero too, but I have to find one small enough for him! Perhaps a tatted sombrero? LOL
    XXXX Bev

  16. Aw shucks Wicked tats Thanks.

    IsDihara, do I have veto!!! now let me think about that one!

    Hi Chic, yup they would.

    Hi Bev, wow I have to see that! tatted Sombrero might beat Brenda's Santa hat!

  17. Hi, could any one tell me where I can find the patteren for the snowflakes? specially the center of them, I dont know how to tat the center of the snowflakes. Thanks

  18. Hi the pattern is on Lene Bjorn's Book 24 Snowflakes in Tatting.


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