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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another book, another thread.

I treated myself to yet another book and it has just arrived....

......and woweeee! it's a smasher!
It's one of the few tatting books where every design is shown in full a reasonable price....
and boy does she love colour. I could sit  am sitting and drooling over these designs for hours.
I don't know when I will find time to tat any..


When Miranda wrote and asked me if I would dye a lighter version of Rainbow Bright for her.....I thought
Every time I dye Rainbow Bright I am bowled over by the vibrancy of the colours....when it is wet!
I keep increasing the strength of the
and now she wants me to make it paler!!!

and not just a little bit paler....she wants pastel!

Pastel she will have ......
I have made it I thought...
That's pastel enough.....for me......could be paler but I wanted it to have enough colour not to be too pallid........

and so I had to give it a test run!
With any new thread I never know how it is going to look until I tat with it.
EVERYTHING looks pretty when it's twisted into a skein,
but tatted up some just don't do it for me.
Shuttles wound for Susan Fuller's trusty Hearts Desire which is just the BEST for seeing how the colours they just flow on after the other along the chains........
and I was bowled over from the very first stitch...


I sent a wadge of photos to Miranda and she said
That's exactly what I had in mind...
that's one happy camper....
well two actually...if you count me!!

Want to see it.....what a silly question!

It's difficult to show you how pastel it actually is so I will put it next to the heart in Rainbow Bright.

Here are the skeins....

Well my mind went into overdrive and I had to see what the solids would look like...

It was like going into a sweet shop and finding a display of jelly sweets sprinkled with sugar!

Red had turned into ROSE
Orange had become APRICOT
Yellow is now  LEMON
Green has become MINT
Blue is FORGET ME NOT (what sweets do we eat that are blue!!)
Indigo is now LAVENDER
and Violet is PARMA VIOLET

So Rainbow 'Lite' Sweet Shop is born

Wowee! Thanks Miranda I am blown away, hope your thread gets to you soon.
I am dyeing dying to know what you all think!
If you would like the solids just shout! well no whisper would be better, send me an email.

BTW My peace Project posts have been transfered to my other blog. 


  1. That's so awesome! I can't wait to get some onto my shuttles!

  2. The colors are gorgeous; you have such a good eye for that. I have that book too. I can't remember if I have ever worked any of the patterns, but I love to just take it out and look at the pages.

  3. Oh, so pretty! I've always liked it in the bright colors but the pastels are nice too. Those solids are yummmmmmmy!

  4. That is one of my favorite books! And the thread is always. I hope to be as proficient with dye someday.

  5. I'm so glad you do the solids. The "lite" is pretty because the colors aren't muddy and it isn't washed out looking ~ this is one pastel assortment I could live with.
    That book is one candy store; I look at it too ~ but now it's hearts time (crept upon me as I was busy with Roosters ~
    Can hardly wait for a payday to send an order in for the variegate and solids! Let's see…ummm the 17th. LOL

  6. Thanks Miranda, I can't wait to see what you make! Speed up postie!

    Hi Martha, I so love books even if I only ever look at them. her things are so pretty.
    Glad you think the thread looks nice,it's going to be one of my favourites espec with the solids which are so diff from the other threads that I have.

    Hi Jane S, I never thought that I would like the pastels.

    Thanks Krystle, you are too modest!and I am flattered!

    Thanks Ridgetatter, no they are not muddy at all, I wanted them still to be distinct colours and they did surprise me. Roosters were fun now it's back to TAT time.

  7. I absolutely love the pastels!!!! I'm going to see if they are in your shop yet. Can't order again until payday though. You might have to dye more.......

  8. Wowie Zowie and holy cow! Gotta tell ya, I am normally so blasé about pastels. Even Sweetheart heart candy on Valentine's Day leaves me non-plussed.

    BUT I am bowled over by the Rainbow 'Lite' Sweet Shop. Especially compared to Rainbow Brite. Love the name! Love the variegated! Love the solids! Hate that I don't have any money to spend until the Tax Refund check arrives. *pouty.lip*

    P.S. As a kid I ate blue cotton candy as well as a candy gum called Razzles.

  9. Color me drooling over your thread!

    And I'll have to check into this book - I'm a visual gal!

  10. The Lite selection is very pretty, I am visualising a gorgeous pastel it just "try-it-and-see" when you are working towards a lighter colour? - or a more technical process?

  11. Oh I have to have it!!! I love my rainbow threads and these are so Spring. I feel snowflakes two ways coming!!! :-)

  12. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Love them all!
    Fox : ))

  13. Love the pastel colour as well as the bright one, can see some lovely projects with it!!!!!

  14. You've done it again Tatskool. The Rainbow Lite are going to be sure winners.

  15. That book is very interesting. Your heart is so pretty! I love the colors you used!

  16. Hi Paula, dyeing more!

    Hi IsDihara what's cotton candy!
    I guess it isn't really all THAT pastel, especially the solids which always look a little darker when you so much more of the colour.

    Hi Crazy mom , drooling is allowed, it will wash out!

    Hi Maureen sometimes its try and see, but it's usually very precise as to what I want to achieve.
    Try it and see with left over dyes can be fun tho.

    But it has to be repeatable, therefore specific.

    Hi Christine, wish I had time to repeat everything. I would love to see you the difference.

    Hi Fox and Typs, yes yummy projects....need more time!!

    Thanks Jon, I appreciate that.

    Hi Carla, If you haven't tatted that heart then you must, it's a stunner every time.

  17. Hi Tatskool
    I tatted that heart in pink and it was dedicated to all my tatting friends in the world. In this occasion I dedicate to you.

  18. Well, well, well, I can't wait to see what you create with this..... and I do mean both the new book and the new Rainbow Lite.


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