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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Norman! Animal Number 33, Rooster!

I have been working away on Jane's new year TIAS (Tat It And See)......I had a little hiccup half way through when I had other things that needed to be I didn't get it finished until the whole thing had finished and I saw the end Jane has called him.
Go here to find out what a TIAS is all about and to see all the other Normans.

Here is my Norman in his own personalized outfit. (Irish Norman!)
He is very proud of himself and considers himself to be Cock of all he can see.

Until there was Super second attempt.


Now Super Norman was hanging around surveying the scene....

when who should come along but Norman....

OMG said Super Norman are small, what have they been feeding you on!!

Well now would you believe that both of these Norman's were tatted with size 20 thread!!

Norman is tatted in Coats Floretta 20 and Super Norman in Coats Red Heart...with Flora 20 for his head dress.....isn't that amazing!

This is a fiendishly clever pattern does she do it!

If you would like to know thread amounts, here they are ...approximately.
Tail feathers.....1.75m on each shuttle.
Body.       Sh1 3.25m.       Sh2 2.55m
Head dress..Sh3   1.25m

Would you believe it but I haven't tatted an animal since Sep 2008. The Rooster is No 33 on my list of Tatted animals in my original challenge.....whooo hooo!


  1. Very nice! I really need to make time to sit down and do this. First I have to get four pairs of slippers crocheted for my sons friends and then maybe I can tat a while =)

  2. There is quite a difference in size here. Is the Floretta a true size 20? Love the colors you used on your two Normans!!

  3. Your Normans look very good with their scenic background. Strange about the cottons though.
    Thats a lot of animals you have tatted, time you did some more!

  4. Thanks Paula, Crocheted slippers sound interesting, are you going to show them??

    Carol, Floretta is more like a 25 and Red Heart more like a 15! Maybe I exaggerated a teeny bit as I had to reverse Norman and add him to the scene and scale him to what seemed like his correct size.

    Hi Sally, Thanks, the Normans were dying to get out and about and look for something to crow about! Thinking back I have actually tatted a ton of geckos last year but no new animals. Have dozens of them in books and all of Jane's new ones to do, please send me some 'time'!

  5. There's got to be a group noun for all these Normans....yours are beautifully displayed, but Sally says Irish Normans wear skirts, so I was looking for that!

  6. too cute. Well done on Norman; I'm still working on mine.

  7. You must have been so tense when you tatted Norman. Glad to see you've lightened up a bit while tatting Super Norman!

    Just kidding! ;)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  8. Oh sweet mercy! Super Norman makes the first Norman seem positively puny. But maybe he takes after a Bantam uncle. *giggles*

  9. Hi Maureen, Irish Norman's wear skirts, I am speechless...Irish dancing uniforms I suppose. A group of Normans....a Normorall!!!

    Thanks ArtyLady, will wait to see him, it's worth finishing.

    Hi Chic, too funny but ever so slightly true!!

    Yup IsDhara he is a puny Cockerel, he says size doesn't matter and you should hear him crowing!

  10. .....A nonpareil of Normans, perhaps........

  11. So Cute! I love that way you make them into pictures! Love your work! My mom use to Tat about 60 years ago. I show her tating blogs and she enjoys them. She is 82.5.


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