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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday!

This is my first Tatting Tea Tuesday post so best to start with the tea.

A few weeks ago IsDihara of Ambitatterous asked what's in your tea cupboard, following on from the showing of her tea cupboard by Heather.

My tea cupboard is no where neat as theirs and is stored in a couple of and excess in my dye studio...close at hand!

So I had to get it all out and arrange it....I think that I still missed a few. 

This is especially for IsDihara!

mmmmm that's a lotta what do I actually drink.....
 Roobois for lunch and..... Roobois with Vanilla for my 4 O'Clock cuppa......after dinner,  Peppermint or Pukka Three Mint,thats peppermint, spearmint and field mint......bedtime cuppa may be Camomile,Honey and Vanilla or Organic Mountain Honeybush..(or better still Hot Chocolate made with soya milk).
I rarely drink Indian tea, but if I do it will be Morrocan Mint or Mango Indica or Vanilla Tea especially the real vanilla ones from Mauritius...(when I remember that we have them!!)

There seems to be a bit of a vanilla theme here....does that explain anything to you!
Especially for this post I tried Melon Grape and Aloe was ok.

The tatting......that's still under wraps...I have finished my 6th project for Artisan TAT......halfway 6 more to go.....they are getting harder as I do the ones that look 'easy' first!!


  1. I'd love to come and visit with you and have some of those yummy teas!! You have a great selection, one for every kind of mood!!

  2. I tried Roobois tea after reading the books by Alexander McCall Smith - but it's an acquired taste! I stick to my orange pekoe.
    What you need to round off your tea stash is one of those amazing flowering tea balls - great fun.

  3. Welcome, welcome to Tatting Tea Tuesday! Your tea stash is so neatly organized! Love seeing the different brands (especially the ones we don't get in my corner of Tat Land).

    So glad you could join in the fun! So much tatting to do, so little time!

  4. Carol, Maureen and IsDihara... how I would love to have you here with me for tea....but this is the next best thing.
    We drank Roobois before we read the books so we feel real empathy with Mma Ramatotswe! It is an acquired taste but it is the nearest thing to real tea that we actually like and now real tea tastes strange. It's best with vanilla tho!

    Out tea stash is normally in a pile in the cupboard! Some were presents from family, some we bought 'cos they looked interesting! some 'cos they must be good for us!!


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