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Friday, February 12, 2010

More from the postie!

Postie man brought me something nice this week, more than just nice...really nice.

My Giveaway prize from Typs Tatting.

Of course I had to run round the house like a mad thing trying it out.
First on the new chest of drawers in my 'posh' guestroom!
A perfect fit but the colour was not great as the room is cream and burgundy.
On to my guestroom no 2...the one I call toy town!

This room is decorated in primary colours so it looks good in here.
When I had a patchwork quilt on the bed it would have complemented it even better.

Today the bed looks like this..

You can just see the runner by TypsTatting on the shelf next to the bed....the shelf is on top of an extra folding bed.
I expect that you are intrigued by the mural on the wall.....that's why I call the room Toy Town! Grandbaby will love it.

Way back in 1988 we were making major changes to the house with the result that sonny boy's bedroom became a bathroom!! so he moved into the guest room and did his own thing...painted all the woodwork red  for a start!
Our daughter was at the time allowed to paint on the walls....well encouraged in fact and he helped her to paint this on his wall.
She calls it Flying High.

When we decided to turn his room back into a guest room last year, daughter told us to paint over it...son said....over my dead body!!!!

so we didn't!
I love it.
Unfortunately when I tried to wash it after all these years I found that she had painted it in poster paint and will just wash off!!

On the wall at the end of the bed he made a cork pin board and a display for his mug collection. Now resting in there is my tatting display board...something to admire while you lie in bed.

Here it is in case you haven' seen it before.

Next to it is one of her paintings....yet to be hung on the wall.

There was one more thing in the package for TypsTatting but you will have to wait until Tatting tea Tuesday to see it!!!


  1. Thank you for the tour! :-)

  2. Love the tatting board! Very clever and unique! Such a pretty 'giveaway' prize runner, and lovely bedcovers. (Did you make either of them?) Also, love the kite! So much talent on display!

  3. The runner looks great where you put it!!!!! Love the way the room is done up. The tatting board display is really nice!!!!

  4. How lovely that another little boy will now be sleeping in that room. Maybe you could ask your daughter to go over the poster paints with wall paint? - to freshen it up for the new occupant.I love your tatting display board, is it felt on the wood?

  5. Congratulations on winning the runner, so pleased that you are having a run of luck on these giveaways, long may it last! I've seen that tatting board before!!!!


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