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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tribute to Mary Konior Part 2.

The next designs that I tatted from Tatting with Visual Patterns were the bud fragments.

Easy enough with a few lock joins and SLT's. the Flowers took 1.5m and the chains 1.4m in size 20 thread.
I tatted them in SweetShop, the greens were Flora and DMC.
Then I made the other Bud Fragment design.
Another pretty design.
The flowers took1.75m and the chains 75cm all in size 20.
First one Flora 20, second one in SweetShop and Flora.
The flowers took 1.75m and the green took 75cm.


  1. Nice. I am liking the look of the Flora ... I have only used the #10 for T.A.T and I did not like it; it was very harsh. Great colours to go with the HDT, it would seem.
    Fox : )

  2. I love these little fragments! I have lots of them done up and stored away safely... somewhere! Love the colors you used!

  3. I agree with Fox. (It is uncanny how often this happens.) You have done a fantastic job with the bud fragments.

    Sweet shop looks to be another one of those "sweet tooth" colorways. Highly craved, satisfying to tat with and it looks great in everything.

    I hope you like spending time in your dye shed...

  4. I was actually able to tat the rose one and have an idea for turning it into an ornament. That is probably what I will do for our tat days tribute to MK next month. Your threads are gorgeous!

  5. I like it! Very nice colors. This is such a pretty little floral motif! It's so nice to see continuing tributes to Mary Konior! I've yet to do my own for her. She will be missed.

  6. Sweetshop goes with everything, doesn't it! - I haven't seen a combination yet that doesn't look lovely. Very versatile thread, even if it's just a touch in the whole piece.

  7. Hi Fox, Flora is a great thread, I have almost every colour. It was such a pity that they discontinued a lot of the colours.

    Thanks Diane, they will be very useful for cards as they don't take too long to make.

    Hi IsDihara, the dye 'Studio' is becoming my second home!

    Hi Paula, A tribute tat day sounds good, hope you will show us the results.

    Hi Chic, look forward to seeing your tribute.

    HI Maureen, yes it does, the way the little flowers turned out was great.


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