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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wedding Stuff Part 1.The Ring Pillow!

My Son is getting married in just under a months I am not panicking ....YET! 
As I write the rain is still coming down in torrents so no more excuses.
Just trying to get things finished one by one.

The Ring Pillow first.

The material is ivory wild silk....the tatting is in Floretta 20 with pearls taken off an old jumper..that's the old bit!

The tatting design is from Emma Crew's 34 Hearts...sorry couldn't find a link to the pattern.
Here are a few close up's..

My tatting friend Marjorie did the machine embroidery for me.
The theme of the wedding is music as you can see.

It's pretty similar to the one that I did when my daughter got married, here is a link to that one....
why change a winning formula!! The edging helps to give the pillow stiffness.

This time her son, my little grandson who will be 21 months old is going to be the Ring Bearer.....with a little help from his mum!


  1. This is simply gorgeous. I'm sure it'll be a wonderful wedding. All the best to the happy couple!

  2. Oh, so pretty! You've been busy!

  3. I love the placement of the pearls, and I especially like the clover leaf corners. The tatting is perfectly attached, too. Which came first - the pillow or the edging? Beautiful embroidery, also.

  4. It's gorgeous - what a coincidence, my son is getting married in August too - on the 27th. I'm trying to finish a hanky for the bride!

  5. Hands down, the most stunning ring-bearer's pillow I have ever seen! Just love how this came together. It is perfection!

    Would love to know the answer to Kathy Nikelwicz's question (Which came first - the pillow or the edging?) if you are willing to give up your secrets. ツ

  6. Then clovers I thought represented Ireland as he was born in Ireland. Maureen that's a great coincidence, will want to hear all about your wedding too.

    That's an interesting question Kathy and IsDihara. I made up the pillow and stiffed it lightly so it wouldn't be hard. Tatted the edging to fit and was about to sew it on when hubby remarked that he thought it would have been easier to sew it on before I stuffed it!

    Mmmmm! hadn't thought about that as the last time my friend actually made up the pillow and stuffed it after she did the it was all ready for the edging.

    So I unstuffed it...had felt that it could do to be smaller so sewed it again. Tried to sew on the edging but it was much more stuffed it again and sewed the edging on...much easier.


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