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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wedding Stuff Part 4.The Invitation!

This time last year we were staying with son and DIL to be....avid readers with long term memory (anybody out there??) will remember that we went to help sonny boy build a deck.

What you don't know is what DIL to be and I got up to!
Well! we didn't waste our time while the lads were busy in the summer sun!

Sun HUH!
We are now still having our typical July weather.... that is rain, rain and more rain, coupled with wind and temperatures of 16degC....that's about 66 deg F. 

It's 21deg C where they live in UK's just not fair!!
It's the North Atlantic Drift that affects us....but then we do have lovely green grass!!

OK back to last year.
DIL to be wanted to make her invitations and had asked me for some ideas.
I would have liked to put tatting on all of the cards but that's just not realistic!
Last year our nephew's invites had a strip of bobbin lace which looked real to me...especially as his sister could have made them.
So I looked for some pretty lace...and found some lengths of machine made lace in a chunky cotton which looks a lot like bobbin lace to made up some sample cards.

DIL to be liked them a lot, so off we went to SHOP!
She had never made a card before but she threw herself into the task 100%, and we came back armed with card blanks, pretty pearlised paper, paper cutter, a fancy punch, some metallic embroidery thread and lots of peel offs and some bling....oh and some spray adhesive.

I must add that of course this all took more than one shopping expedition, we even had to go to The Lowry Center....near Manchester.

As well as the outlet mall, also on the quays is the Lowry Gallery with a superb exhibition of the paintings of L.S Lowry.

Back at base we soon had a bunch of cards made up to her liking.

 Let's take a closer look...

The theme of the wedding is teal....for the bridesmaids dresses and music (and lace of course!).
I did the lace which is frayed at the ends and threaded with teal metallic thread...while she did the paper cutting and punching.

We attached the lace to the card with spray adhesive which worked really well.
A heart peel off,a gemstone and a Wedding Invitation peel off and we were almost there.
She finished them off later with a double insert. First of more pearlised teal paper, and inside that a smaller sheet of white paper with the written stuff!

They looked very classy.
Her mum is making the place cards and the table names an seating chart all in marching teal....should look stunning. the tables are all to named after composers.
Her mum has also made the teal cravats and hankies for the lads, so she hasn't been idle either!!


  1. They are lovely, Tatskool. You are both doing a great job, as I am sure her mum is. This is something you have shared and will remember forever. I can't wait to see pictures of this wedding.

  2. Yoo-hoo....hellloooo! I DO remember that post because I learned what a fascinator is at that time!

    Those cards are wonderful... unique and very appealing.
    Fox : )

  3. Those are lovely! I've used spray adhesive before for stuff and I love it!

  4. You got that right, they sure do look classy.


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