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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wedding Stuff. Part 6 The Groom!

This has been the most fun for me.
I have to take you back to my daughter's wedding again.
I was taken by a pair of wedding bears....I LOVE BEARS!

So I thought it would be nice to customize them in the wedding colours.

The Groom Bear got a burgundy hatband and feather, Swarovski crystal burgundy buttons and a burgundy flower. He kept his grey suit as the real groom was to wear grey tails. the waistcoat colour looked good and I didn't know what was to be worn.

The Bride Bear swapped her bouquet for cream and burgundy roses and a burgundy ribbon, and a headdress of the same roses and ribbon. Her dress has a medallion of dimpled ring hearts like on the ring pillow, and her waistband was a cream ribbon. Her veil was scattered with little tatted flowers with bling crystals in their centers. Her veil was edged very simply.
They were gorgeous!

I was itching to do this again for my son's wedding but despite searching the shops I couldn't find the bears again...they must have been discontinued.
I was disappointed.

Suddenly it hit me
and lo and behold there was a pair of bears for the taking, was this fate?
Oh the agony of bidding!
Yipee! I won them.
So let's take a look at the Groom...

Apart from his hat being perched rather perilously on his head he looks very smart.

This time the real groom will be wearing black top hat and tails so this was a bit more of a challenge.
I haven't been near a pot of dye in a couple of months...but this should be easy...shouldn't it.
Took all the stuffing and card out of his hat and had to take his outfit to pieces as the shirt and waistcoat were attached to the jacket and so were the cuffs. Stitched the sleeves back on with white thread. so they wouldn't fray .....well it's all going to be black isn't it!!
Into the black dye they went.....
......imagine my surprise the next day when the black due washed clean out......
of the grey satin collar and lining....and the grey and white thread!!

Of course I should have realised that a cotton dye doesn't dye polyester!!!
A second dyeing produced a richer back....his hat band went a deep blue!

The groom will be wearing a champagne waitscoat and a teal cravat and hankie made by his mother in law to be.....
I made Groom Bear a waistcoat from the raw silk I had for the Ring Pillow and a teal ribbon cravat.Stitched it all back together in black thread this time
Matching buttons of Swarovski crystals, teal hatband and a red rose and he is ready.

Doesn't he look such a toff!!
 Every time I look at him I see my son!
Doesn't the contrasting collar and lining and stitching look great.

A great comment came in about the last post..saying that the Leps will be wanting to be a part of the wedding party!
Well didn't I catch Tadgh sprucing up Groom bear. Decided that he would be his personal dresser for the wedding. Can you see what the little blighter slipped into the waistcoat??
Tadgh said that there had to be Irishness there! and that  Groom Bear would need a bit of good luck!!


  1. Oh you are quite mad, woman, and I am so glad that you are! ♥♥♥ The bears from the first wedding are wonderful, but this groom is absolutely magnificent! And the bride??

    This is really a great tale!
    Fox : )

  2. Hi Fox, yup mad as a hatter! The bride!!! still working on her.

  3. Can not wait to see both the bride and groom bears all done up and ready for their big day!!

  4. AH…I KNEW it ~ lovely Leps. Don't know whether it is that they want to be involved in everything or that their hearts are so great that they just 'jump in' to be 'helpful' Which ever, it works!

    I love bears, too. I have a collection that includes some soft ones. I think it is great that you are full of inner child ~ of course, I am terribly biased, because I find that my inner child leads me into such fun…

    If this is madness ~ may madness reign.

    xxxx bj

  5. Speaking of madness... her Majesty - Maebh, is blabbering about nipping in for the wedding - a regular gatecrasher, I am taken to understand. She is interested in out which of the Leps will be in attendance...
    Fox : )

  6. I love these two sweet bears! They're fantastic!


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