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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wedding Stuff. Part 7. THE BRIDE!

Isn't this what you have all been waiting for
The star of the show!
I can tell you for starters
that this one is a little madam!
I think it must be the eBay training....they teach them to know what they are worth and to look confident!

From the minute that she came out of the box, she has know exactly what she wanted.
She informed me that this was a designer wedding dress!
that it needed some exquisite lace to turn it into a dress to die for..
was I up to it!!
I asked her "who do you think you are"
she told me...
"I am Groom Bear's Little Princess.....
and I deserve the best!"
So, she gave me a list...
.......first of the things that she didn't want, like all that much....

1.I hate pink, especially when teamed with that yellow and blue!
2. The dress is far too plain, just is not classy!
3.I am really a simple bear!!! so no frilling up my veil!
4. No artificial flowers!

....and what she wants would like.....pretty please!....

1. A bouquet of specially imported Red Roses.....for my love for Groom Bear!
2. An exquisite edging for the train of my dress.....the finest tatting with silver beads if possible....lots of them!
3. A designer necklace!
4. Some shoes!
5.Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! 
6. A Ring Pillow!
7. A Wedding Hankie!

Number 4 puzzled me as Bride Bears don't normally wear shoes.....
she confessed that she had stood on her tippy toes when she was being measured for the dress and thus it was actually too long!
I know the feeling BB...when does anything ever fit!
She said that the train was trailing on the floor and looked crumpled...and would be even worse when it gets the exquisite edging!

I guess that list is pretty much like most Brides want.

She will show herself tomorrow!


  1. She sounds just like a human bride!!! Cann`t wait to see her redo look!

  2. So she is a Bearzilla Bride…hummm Ah well, it IS her day…I'm sure she will be unbearable when she blooms in bridal beariness. I can bearly wait to see her bearing when she is satisfied with her dress. bj

  3. Cant wait to see the finished Bride I know she will look lovely!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am working on it NOW!
    Bearzilla she will be.


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