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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Animal No 34. Rhinocerus!

If you have been following my blog you will have already seen these Rhinos on my Rhino Mania posts.

I just want to bring them all together under my Tatting Animal Challenge.....the original purpose of this blog....together with a few details.
Size comparison... the white Rhino was tatted in Hakelgarn 15 from Germany.
Fawn and Grey Rhinos in Coats Red Heart 20
All the rest in Flora 10.

Thread used for size 10 using shuttle and ball (modified shoelace trick method).
Shuttle   1.35m, Ball 4.5 m Eye bead on ball.
they measure 7cm/2.5in.
They are from Martha Ess's new book.
More critters on the block
An absolute gem.

Tatting this Rhino is addictive!


  1. You're having a ball with those Rhinos! You've got a herd of them.

  2. Now that's an awesome herd of rhinos! :)

  3. Oh thank you for the last few posts about rhinos and Chester. I enjoyed all your photos.

  4. I love seeing your "group" tatting! - the rhinos holding flowers in their mouths are very sweet.

  5. I have really enjoyed the rhino series of posts, the photos are so cheerful, whether of the models, the grandbaby, the real animals or the tatted ones.
    Thank you :)

  6. An impressive collection of Rhinos!


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