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Friday, September 10, 2010


IsDihara is one of my best tatting buddies, and I have been in cohoots with her as she hatched her plan for Palmetto tat days.
You can read all about it here.
This is then gist of it.....
......she has been responsible for the discovery of a cure for that dastardly bacterium/virus/microbe....
that causes Necrotizing filitis.

Ok so big deal !

Well you wouldn't think that if it statred eating your precious thread!
This thing takes no prisoners!
So what did she do
sent it over to me (not on purpose I can assure you!)

Was I scared??
You bet I was!
Is that scary or what!
My stash is HUGE.
So as soon as I got home from the wedding, I had to tat the cure as fast as my shuttles would go.
Which is pretty fast!
My first Thyme Leaf is in my favourite varg' Flora 20,


Maybe if I tatted it with a stem......a long one.....I could hang it up near my stash!
Good thinking!
This one is much prettier in real life. It has the added protection of dew drops..... you didn't know that!
I tatted this one from the bottom my ends could make the stem....
.....another magic trick!
It's hanging near my stash

Think maybe I should tat some more .....

...just to be on the safe side!


  1. Sounds like a very dangerous situation. Maybe we need to contact the CDC (center for disease control).

  2. Your thyme leaves are perfection! Love the tail!
    Now I have to make another one in Autumn colors.

  3. Pretty leaves -- I'm glad your stash is safe! The one with the long tail makes a pretty bookmark (when it's not being used to protect the stash). Very clever of you to tat it upside down.


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