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Sunday, September 05, 2010

We're all going to the thzoo!

A trip to the zoo to see the Rhinos was a MUST! especially for the little laddie.

It's got the cutest monorail.....

There was another train decorated like a snake.
This beats a little train on the ground.....didn't go on it tho'.

Chester Zoo is the largest in the UK and very different from when we last went...when daughter was same age as grandbaby is now!
It is still famous for it's beautiful flower beds, but is now very much a modern conservation zoo......which is now the main purpose of a zoo.
They have 9 Rhinos. Mostly African Black Rhinos with one Indian Rhino.
Grandbaby was enchanted. He must have thought it strange to have seen so many brightly coloured does a small boy cope with the world!

We saw something else that I am going to tat from Martha's book, but that's for later.
I was also fascinated but the group of baby Vasayan Warty Pigs....
Earlier in the year on our trip to Belfast Zoo we saw the adult that had come from Chester Zoo....waiting for the arrival that day of it's mate to be from Rotterdam Zoo.
Zoos and Wildlife Parks (like ours) do such a wonderful job.

There were Rhinos to spot....
This is Ecko.....covered in the most gorgeous graffiti.....

Isn't he something.

Then there was Splodge.....

Splodge had the greatest influence on my tatting.
Rainbow Rhino jumped into my mind!

 He is tatted in some size 10 Rainbow Bright that I dyed to make Lucet cords. The only size 10 I have ever dyed. Now I need more colours in size 10! This one has the longer horn of a Black Rhino.

Had to make more of these....
This is one of the freaks of HDT......they all came out almost identical!!!
the flowers are made with the length of thread left over after each one.....all the same too.

One last Rhino to see at the Zoo.....this one is on the roundabout on the approach to the Zoo... not easy to photograph!

He is called Liverpool's Loveliest One 
and refers to the latest fashions hanging on the silver limbs of the tree. 
Cheshire shopping rocks!!

Our last look at Rhino Mania takes us shopping...
see ya there.


  1. Oh Tatskool! Those Rainbow Rhinos are outstanding! And wouldn't they make a great small doily? Rainbow Rhino Round About -- hee, hee!

    I'm sitting on the edge of my seat in fascination.


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