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Monday, September 06, 2010

Last of the Rhinos!

Our hunt for Rhinos today takes us to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Mall near of a growing breed in the UK.
The shops showcased dozens of small  Rhinos decorated by the well as a few full size ones.
Grandbaby was enchanted again at each shop window, he had to go in and touch, they were just his size.

Outside the mall was The Ladybug.
Then there was The Wallower 

He tries to keep the bugs away by covering himself in mud. can you spot the Oxpecker pecking at his hide?

My Rhinos are again being influenced by all this....
This is Blueberry wearing a very smart tatted jumper in stunning colours of Flora 10.

His partner Rose decided to wear flowers.
Rose and Blueberry LOVE flowers.

So does Goldie who decided to wear a flower behind her ear Tahitian style.

A good/very poignant one to finish on...
While Stocks Last

.......lets hope that our beloved Rhino....and all that he stands for in our world,
survives all that man has thrown at it.


We only got to see just over a third of the Rhinos. If you really want to see the others and learn more about Rhino Mania go to...


  1. Rose and Blueberry are adorable!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of rhinos. Here in the Southwest, they had a big run on painted ponys as a fundraiser. They were magnificent, too. And one could buy the smaller versions. It was a lot of fun to see them.

    Recently sighted just outside of las Cruces on the way to El Paso, TX. A camel and a Zonkey (x between Zebra and donkey). It seemed right at home ~ the camel that is; there in the desert beside the road. But it was quite a surprise for those driving the freeway! Bekah and Omar stopped and had their photo taken with it..if I get a copy, I'll share. LOL

    I pine-oh for rhinos… especially painted ones.

    xx bj

  3. They help to make life colourful...especially if you have colour mania!
    Do show it Bj


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