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Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Snowflakes

Another crop of Rainbow Snowflakes has fluttered down!

I am trying to make all of Jon Yusoff's flakes.

Number 3 on my list is Aladdin.

I have been playing with my dyes again and have made all the rainbow colours in lots of different size threads so I can play to my hearts content!

The first colour I chose to play with was indigo and I made Aladdin again.

I wasn't sure if i liked at first but it grew on me! I think it looks like a broody indigo sky with a rainbow. Also it shows up the shape of the pattern.
Now some friends prefer the original and some the indigo one. So what do you think, It's 50/50 so far.

Then I made Astral...

and then Astral with red, orange and yellow....

so what do you think????? Doesn't it make the pattern look so different!


  1. I love them all! I think the indigo is very pretty... I'd like to see the same snowflake done in all the color combinations... am I asking too much? ; )

  2. Give me a break!!! so would I...that's typically me....but then I wouldn't get to make all the others.

  3. They all look fun and colorful!

  4. Chic, this thread brightens my day, it's sheeting down and blowing a gale.
    Going to start a new one tonight.

  5. How DO you do it? Your fingers must fly! They are all so lovely I can't choose. You really have a winner in this thread and with Jon's patterns you can't miss. I am working on Jon's Milky Way snowflake right now. I made a mistake on it yesterday morning that I have to cut out. Stupid really. I made so many of these, but I was watching tv and just joined to the wrong picot!

  6. Oh gosh, I dont think I could cut a mistake out. It's either untat, live with it or bin it!! Just unpicked a mistake in size 60 now that's nasty!

    Haven't tried Milky Way yet just mastering Oasis.

  7. I have an awful time untatting a ring. So... I usually cut the shuttle thread a few inches from the ring and use a needle to undo the stitches. This assures me of enough thread to tie the shuttle back to the tatting. It is a great pattern that looks great with beads. There are several pictures of them on my blog. You will love it.

  8. This thread is so great and just the perfect choise for making some lovely snowflakes.


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