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Monday, October 13, 2008

Something different today.

Just have to show you a couple of Birthday cards that I made today.

For my BIL..always difficult to make a card for a fella.

This was the card on the scanner and this what it looks like in real life.

I wanted to show you that the wellingtons and watering can are mounted on holographic card and catch the light in so many different colours depending on the angle.

This is for SIL... i just got a new Forever Friends rubber stamp and have been dying (not dyeing)to try it!!

This out of the scanner again shows the holographic card.

Bet you cant recognise my favorite thread in there, oops I promised my self that I wouldn't mention it today.

Hope they will like them.


  1. I'm sure they will like them. If they don't, something is wrong with them. They are quite inventive and you did a good job.

  2. We must be on the same wave length today... I bought some supplies for making cards, and I've been thinking of how to embellish them! I love the way yours turned out... holographic... hmmm...

  3. The cards turned out so cute, Pamela! That is great how you mixed the tatting with other mediums. They turned out awesome!

  4. Very unique and pretty cards, especially like the holographic paper amd the addition of the tatted motifs. Your BIL & SIL will treasure them. Did you print your name & the year on the card directly ? Using printer ?

  5. tattycat they will like them my SIL makes cards too and sent me a lovely one for my birthday.

    Diane of course we are on the same wavelength, hadn't you realised that. Card making is my second fav craft at the moment, I find it very absorbing/relaxing.
    The holographic card is violently coloured on the other side so I have choice...must learn to take advantage of both sides. The holographic side is so striking in small doses espec to set off an item. the colours it reflects are like a Rainbow....mmm...that word sounds very familiar!!

    No singatatter the logo is not printed on the actual card but photoshopped onto the photo/scan. I do put a logo and date by hand on the back of the card tho.


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