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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rainbow Snowflakes

Remember a couple of posts ago when I was given the One Sweet Blog Award by TattingChic.........

.......and I said that I would award it to anyone who showed a real rainbow snowflake on their blog.

Well the nominees are coming in......
First to show was Snowy with Pirouette from Jon Yusoff's book Tatted Snowflake Collection .

The fabulous thing about this..well one of the fabulous things is that the repeat in the thread worked exactly one point of the before you all get toooo excited I must warn you that Snowy tats in size 80 and so you probably wouldn't get the same effect in a thicker might get something just as good tho.

I sent the award over to Snowy but she ducked and it came back to me like a boomerang!! but she deserved it anyway!!

Next is Laura who tatted the most gorgeous Snowflake Rose from Denise Munoz's Book of Snowflake Roses.

Isn't that just something! I HAVE to get that book.
Laura also test tatted my Tumbling Snowflake pattern and made a lovely job of it.

Laura definately deserves the one Sweet Blog Award. Incidentely if anyone would like my pattern before I get it on to my website just drop me a line and it's yours. It makes me feel so good to be able to give something back to the tatting community for all the joy it gives me.

Then we have Steph who tatted the same Rose Snowflake after she has seen Laura's

but before that she has shown two more

The spiral is from thisntat the star is from Kaye B. Judt's book, Oh My Stars!

and if that's not enough to get the award she tatted my Tumbling Snowflake..thanks Steph..take a bow and an award.

I have one more to show you, tatted by my friend Jackie in Rainbow Bright and Blue Lagoon, It is Milky Way from Jon's book

It looks a little different as there was a bit of shoelace tricking to get the inner chains in Blue Lagoon, as she wanted the rainbow only to be round the outside. Lovely isn't it?

Look at the cool way she winds her thread, she couldn't help it...and she can see at a glance how many yards she has left!!

Are there any more rainbow snowflakes out there that I have missed??????/


  1. Very cool way to wind the thread. I like the way your friend, Jackie, did it with Blue Lagoon! What a fun way to give away to award! I like...I like! :)

  2. waiting to see your rainbow snowflakes and bounce the award back to you!!'s on it's way!

  3. Thanks for the rainbow show!! I just got Jon's book in the mail yesterday and started playing last night!! I'd love your tumbling snowflake pattern!

  4. This shows so well how the colours flow, a real treat.
    I have to confess I hadn't enough on my shuttle and had to add a thread, but it made it simple to put the exact amount on the new shuttle because I knew exactly how many repeats I needed!

  5. The pattern is on the way to you Christine, enjoy, glad you like it.That's my bit of 'feel good' for the day!

    Yup Snowy, I just adore the way the colours flow...I will never be able to beat this one!

    I have to do a trial of some sort to see how much thread it needs, can't waste HDT even when I make it myself!!

  6. Oh, thank you Pamela! I don't even remember reading anything about an award in your original post. I was just having loads of fun with Rainbow Bright and will be having more fun with it, too. Ha! There is no way I have the kind of patience your friend has to wind the thread on a spool like that.

  7. Thank you for the lovely award. You are very sweet to give it to me. What would we do without all of our tatting friends to prop us up?

  8. Oh they are all looking so awesome. And the thread is so gorgeous.

  9. Your rainbow thread has such vibrant colors, it is a really nice blend of colors. I think you are creating some wonderful colors. Thanks for showing all the snowflakes done is this thread. Many of which are from Jon's book, which I think I have to get now. The snowflakes are all so pretty.


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