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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More on Autumn!

I was surprised how many tatters also owned a Lucet, a lot had never used it and were not sure how it was done. I am glad that I was able to stimulate you to give it another go...similarly with the French Knitting/Corking.

So how am I doing...I was away in UK for the weekend...buying even more stuff!! I did my luceting while waiting at the airport, using a large skein of a twisted pink thread..polyester I think. I would make several inches of cord ...then I would suddenly find that I had lost the plot...had one loop short!! and didn't know if I had turned or not. Un-lucetting proves again unravel and start again!

We have had so many gales and torrential rain...enough rain for the whole month already...that the beautiful autumn leaves just reaching their peak are being blasted off the trees.

A while ago I tatted more Autumn leaves but didn't have chance to show them to you.
I had downloaded the pattern by LadyShuttleMaker a long time ago...but it looked difficult and was put on one's not difficult at all! It's in the patterns section on the right on her blog.
It was just a question of not being frightened by having to use 3 ball threads and 1 shuttle...the ball threads are only used one at a time in different rounds.

I started off using colours similar to Sherry's all in Flora 20, just so that I could get the rounds right!

A darker red this time....

...and two in different colours....

It looks great in any colour mix.

I left the tails ends to bother about and added beads to make bookmarks.

The design takes in 20
...on the shuttle 2m
Ball 1...1st round 1m
Ball 2....2nd round 1.25m
Ball 3....3rd round 1.5m


  1. Whoo hoo! Those leaves look fantastic! I am so glad you got around to tatting the pattern! It is easy huh?

  2. Easy peasy...when you are clever!!! All my lassies managed it too.
    GREAT pattern.

  3. Great looking leaves they are awesome... Wanted to let you know that the luceting intrigued me. So I did a little research and found a pattern for a lucet made a few out of clay thinking my son who has ADHD could get it without too much frustration and he did :) so I went and bought some nice little wooden ones and I love it as well as both my kids and I got my wonder knitter out again too... THANKS ALOT!!! ha ha
    Have a good day

  4. Hi Heather, I saw you great photo of your son luceting. I totally agree with you, great therapy, very calming.
    Waiting to see what they make.

  5. See, I was horrified when I read the pattern - 3 ball threads!!!! Now that I know it's not hard as it looks, I'll try that pattern.

    Here's a great Lucet book. There are instructions in it for lucetting without flipping the lucet, plus incorporating beads, etc. My favorite lucetting book.

    Lucet Braiding Variations on a Renaissance Cord

  6. I LOVE it when you do that! Such fun to see how you use colour.
    Fox : ))

  7. Your leaves really do look outstanding and really help fill the void when the real ones are gone.

    Would these leaves look lovely as an outer round in an Autumn doily? (With a single leave in the center, of course!)

    But of course, I do not have the tatting skills to create such a doily without sacrificing many, many hours of tatting time. Maybe the drawing program will help?

  8. Lovely leaves!

    I for one and not too sure about Lucet-ing (is that even right). Never seen one before.

    But you have definitely made me want to get one of those clover knitting spool things!

  9. Great color combos on the leaf pattern!

  10. Hi Katie, so was I ...totally unreasonably as it turned out. I looked at the book, looks great but so far the postage costs more than the book!

    Hi Fox, thanks for the encouragement.

    Hi IsDihara, That's a great idea..hint, hint Sherry! That drawing prog is no good for me, not Mac friendly and I haven't time to learn Jane's find at the moment.

    Hi Wickedtats, cool, way to go! I had not seen a lucet before.

    Thanks Chic, thought of dozens more colour combos but had to move on!

  11. Oh, what lovely colours. Thanks for sharing. I too downloaded Sherry's pattern and promised I would tat it. Well not until I got your HDTs. I will post it soon and you tell me how it looks, Tatskool. Can you guess which HDT I used?

  12. My favourite is the third from the bottom - the orange one! It's a lovely pattern, thanks for showing these!


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