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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not my lucky day!

Remember I told you only yesterday, how atrocious our weather has been...and is!

Last night was awful....sheeting rain and blowing a gale....and it has continued all day with no let up.

Just before lunchtime while I was busy making leprechauns to placate Fergeal and listening to my iTunes....there must have been an enormous my display stand for my little trees collapsed!

Lets take a closer look....

........let's zoom in and see what's in there......see that very pale turquoisey blue the bottom left of the previous picture.....remember it.

These photos were taken through the window.....I was gutted.
We had replaced all the slats on the tables only a year or so ago and had just decided that we needed to replace the whole frame. Trying to remember how long it was since hubby made it for me...I found my photos of it's official opening....

Gosh it was 1996.....that's 13 years ago.....unlucky or what!

I started keeping and training these little trees in 1990 after a friend gave us a bag of acorns!.......Great things from little acorns grow.
They are mostly from seedlings dug up from the garden....and from garden centers.......nothing of any value...except to me. In 1990 they were nearly all in flower pots they were so small and new. Anything that didn't move I dug up and put in a pot!

My stash of pots almost exceeds my thread stash! The trees that I favoured tended to get bigger over the years...mainly because they are easier to look after.

2002 and they were looking their best....before tatting and thread dyeing reared their ugly heads. I had been suffering from a very bad neck for several years which had put an end to my craft the little trees filled the craft gap.

OK see the pale turquoisey blue pot on the bottom table, isn't that it's very best before my son forgot to water it while we were away one time and it lost a lot of it's branches..... it is again in spring 2003 together with my apple (of Apple Blossom fame)and my Japanese maples.

Now can you imagine my horror when I saw what had happened!!!!!

We decided that it called for drastic measures and rescue before it got even we donned our waterproofs......

....and look there it is one piece...a miracle.

One by one they were taken out and handed to me...but that was the one sheltered spot in the garden! so now they face the wind and rain again.
OK I know it's not a real catastrophe but it felt like it to me!

You will be amazed to know that only about 5 pots got broken and all the trees look ok but time will tell.


  1. HI Sherry thanks for your concern. Back in the 90's I went to a couple of terms of pottery class and one of the things I wanted to make was bonsai bowls. One of them broke today and at least 2 more that were on the table survived...well made!! Oh how I loved pottery and wished I had my own kiln.

  2. Oh wow! I was so sad when I read your blog. I hope you get it straighten out. There was Nor'Eastern hit my favorite spot this past month. It was in Wildwood NJ. My family and I vacation there every year. The storm was a crazy one. You can see the pics on Hang in there.

  3. Thanks Rayanna, gosh the damage to the pier looks awful. Lovely place to go.

  4. Oh dear Sherry, forgot to say..hope your catastrophe is fixable...hope what happened to my pots didn't happen to your shuttles!

  5. Well, I consider it a catastrophe of epic proportion; and the first rush of feelings must have been crushing. I'm sooo sorry, truly. The plants are beautifully trained. They are heartier than they would seem.
    I can't wait to see the new, improved structure.
    We have storms like this, but since the deer eat ALL plants (and my succulents are 'inside') all it did was blow pieces of the roof off (why we are getting a new, metal roof!) Living on the ridge we either have and updraft of strong winds from the south or a down draft of northern gales. My heart is with you. B

  6. Oh no!! Having seen all your trees, absolutely horrified to hear of the disaster, you have certainly had it bad in your part of the world.
    Hope that the trees will be okay after their battering.

  7. What a mess -- and how sad! Your poor little trees! It was good to read they look like they will be okay.

  8. I know you are blessed and you will create something even more wonderful, even though it felt sickening at first blow.

    hmmm....I wonder how my sister & everyone is coping with this weather? They should be back tomorrow I think - maybe tonight, now that I think about it. We have plans on Saturday so I'll get to hear all about it!

  9. Storms are so frightening - what a disaster, and I can imagine how you must have felt, but then to experience the huge relief when you found your favourite tree had survived - that would have taken it out of you too!
    You will have to rebuild the stand somewhere, with protective screens or something - lol, make it cyclone proof!
    We had a cyclone last year, and a very old and very tall gum tree fell though our neighbour's roof - that was awful, and I was SO glad to move to the new estate where there are no trees taller than your house. New houses here are built to withstand small cyclones.Something to do with roof trusses, I think.

  10. Thanks Ridgetatter, the trees are strong but can't withstand wood crashing on to them. Looking at it now i can't understand how they survived. Looks like they slid inwards instead of crashing forward onto the concrete and they all supported each other.

    Hi Sally, I knew you would truly understand, i was so proud of my Bonsai stand.

    Thanks Marty and Gina, yup hubby will be on the job..but not this year! he already had plans..but not soon enough!
    Hope your sister enjoyed the trip despite the weather, seems Cork and Galway got hit the worst, flooding everywhere...and it's still raining!

    Hi Maureen, we have to rebuild in the same place so that we can enjoy it from the house.

  11. Oh no! That is a catastrophe! I was glad to hear that at least on first glance, most of the trees are OK.


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