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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update on life!

I have had so many uplifting things said about my trees and my pots, that I am beginning to rethink the purpose of blogging.

I think that it is a celebration of our lives, the things we did in the past an the things we do now...and encouragement for things we will do in the future.

Maybe you would like to see more of the stuff that I made in my pottery class???

The weather continues to be atrocious. Today is the day we had planned our district fun day for the Ladybirds, Brownies and Guides. We had a Scout campsite booked and so much planned. But it's not a good time to be thinking of travelling so it has been transferred to our Community hall where we hold our meetings. I have to raise my enthusiasm to go!

The theme is thanksgiving and all things American, they will make headdresses and bracelets, bookmarks whatever we can think of. We have all been making turkeys for a 'throw the turkey game'.
Our turkeys made by the brownies from stuffed tights are fabulous...must take a photo to show you.

Our beautiful city is still awash, not sure if the water has gone down yet as there is more and more rain adding to it. Ever since the dam released 535 tonnes of water per second on thursday night the situation has been dire. One of the main shopping street was under 5 feet of water, underground garages, the basement cafe in out new state of the art, art gallery on the university campus, hotels, shops...all swamped. The damage is estimated at 100 million euro.
I have been watching lots of U tube videos..even one on urban skim boarding down city streets. That's a new one!
The whole of the city center and a lot of surrounding districts are without drinking water, due to a major problem with a pump.

So many other small towns all built by rivers are also many roads impassable...the worst flooding ever.

Gosh am I glad I live on a hill!

Before and during all this foul weather we have been upgrading our own flood defence!

The house behind us is further up the hill and with the new deluges of torrential pours down their driveway in a torrent...across the drain that they put in , across the road and down our driveway. Our temporary barrier, drain and soak away all helped. Now we have a full barrier to send the water on it's way past somewhere else!....and a beautiful new Donegal stone crazy paved driveway..that slopes every which way to ensure the water runs off into the new drains...and not into our house and garage.


  1. I'm sorry for all the devastation in your area. You are fortunate to live on a hill and to have been making drainage improvements. I've been looking at your trees and pots - SO pretty! I'm glad the trees appear to be well and that you didn't lose more pots. I hope the weather breaks for you and things can be put to rights soon!

    :) Ann

  2. One of the remarks on the deed to our house is; "Not in a Flood Zone" We have a natural stream bed on the west side but it runs north to south down the mountain; and never runs much water. Having lost a home in 1997 to a flood; I'm particularly flood-conscious. We did put a stone wall at the bottom of the ridge to insure that we didn't loose soil to the road below. The property itself is set on granite rock!
    I empathize with those who fight flood waters and do the recovery from them. It can be just devastating, expensive and time consuming to rebuild!
    I'm glad you are safely on the high side. I'd love to see the brownies turkeys, be sure to give us a picture. You will be glad you went after you do go, as sometimes just the 'thought' of 'having to. . .'
    turns one off.
    hugs, Bev

  3. We've seen your floods on the news - they say it is the worst for hundreds of years. How miserable at Christmastime.
    In 1974 the Brisbane River flooded with devastating consequences for this city - two old uncles used to live here then, so we saw how badly they were affected. When the time came for us to move,I made sure we were nowhere near a river!

  4. My sister was home on Thursday and they did not experience any of the bad rain before they left but they heard about it later. Last year it was Australia that had so much rain, unheard of, and now Ireland. I know it will all settle down eventually and life will run smoothly again.

  5. Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by. We are wondering how the city will have recovered when we go in on tuesday.

    Hi Bev, you are so right, It must be terrible to live in a flood zone, you sound well protected.
    The fun day was the best one I have ever been to...just goes to show..

    Hi Maureen, we are used to seeing your weather on our news, don't expect it to be the other way round!

    Hi Gina, she was lucky to miss it all, she must not have been in the south or west...the rest of the country escaped this time.
    Not sure life will run smoothly tho' as this is a sign of changing weather patterns. It's such a shame as the county council have made such improvements in drainage in recent years, minor flooding has always been a problem with high tides and strong winds.

  6. Watched the news with disbelief - the worst flooding ever! I sure hope the waters have abated and that things will return to a better state before too long.
    Fox : )

  7. I'm glad you live on a hill, too! I am sorry to hear that you are affected by such terrible flooding. Hope things start looking up in your area soon!

  8. That is what I am afraid now (and the whole year). Malaysia is now receiving so much rain that certain states are flooded again and again (thankfully I am quite shielded but still receiving rain). My bonsais and cactus I have put them in the open covered garage (meaning only one wall and roof). I know how it means to lose those bonsais because it takes ages to see any progress from them.

  9. ((Pamela)) I do hope the weather improves soon. The floods are so devestating. I am glad you live on a hill too!!

    I for one would love to see more of your pottery. The pots for your Bonsai were so charming!

  10. I'm keeping you in my prayers. I was also thinking of you yesterday. See on my blog about why. Happy Tatting!

  11. Hi:
    They fit in your hand. They cost $12. USA. Their website is

  12. Hi Fox, I can't believe it was on YOUR news. We went to Cork today, apart from the sandbags everywhere, the main shopping street were all fine. Some side streets had sodden furniture standing outside and my dentist had 2 feet of water in his surgeries last friday and is now waiting for the stinking carpets to be taken away and the inside of the surgeries gutted and redone.

    Hi Chic, thanks for your thoughts.

    Hi Zarina I can understand your fears, soon houses will be valuable if they can have a sign on them flood danger here.
    Great that you have bonsai too.

    Hi Carol, Thanks for wanting to see more pottery.

    Thanks Rayanna, I could get lost for a day in that shop, we love all things Beary!


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