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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My stash and my sweetheart!

IsDihara asked us What's in your stash? of HDT...we addicts know exactly what that means!

Now I dye my own thread so you wouldn't expect me to have a stash....except the enormous stash of my own threads, favourites and lots of trials.......but I do have and it's getting bigger.

Dyeing takes such a long time (my way anyway!)that I just can't dye all the colour combos that are spinning around in my head. I have tried to develop my own style of dyed thread and not copy anyone that leaves me free.......TO BUY and not feel guilty!!

Here then is my stash....

....I do use it...honest....there are some bits left on card....but mainly I just take it out and adore the wonderful colours.....making the great mistake of saving it for something special!!

IsDihara has been tatting with my Rainbow Bright thread. She posted a long time ago a picture of Birgit Phelps Sweetheart design....

...she needed extra thread to complete an idea she had to add more rounds to this pattern.....well she has finished it and posted about it today...

...isn't that just stunning?

She set me off wanting to tat that I did...months ago...didn't get round to posting it.

First in a boring pale pink Flora 20....with a spiral tail ending in a trefoil...

...then in Altin Basak exactly the same as Birgit used....with a lock stitch chain tail ending in split rings...

...and finally in my Raspberry Sorbet in size 20 Coats Mercer

...I actually like this one the best because the subtle varigation does not overpower the design as with the Altin Basak.

It's a pretty easy pattern to tat once you get the hang of what joins to what.
In Flora 20 it took a total of 5m, 3.5m on the shuttle and 1.5m on the ball. It measures 6cm, (2.25in) across. add about 1m on two shuttles to make the tail.
Altin basak would take slightly less. It measures 5cm across.


  1. I like ALL of them. Very Nice!

  2. My goodness, I had no idea I was such an influence on you. LOL! Thanks for your kind words, and even greater thanks for dying your distinctive and delicious HDTs.

    Your SweetHearts look stunning too, and I appreciate seeing the way the hearts look different in different threads.

    Another great post! Stay dry in your sloshy corner of the world.

  3. your stash looks good. wish i knew how to dye thread...

    love all the hearts and bookmarks. you tat them really well.

  4. Hi Rayanna, thanks for your encouragement.
    Hi IsDihara, you are a GREAT influence with your ideas. Still sloshy here, more rain forecast and it's getting COLD.

    Hi Val, thanks.

    Hi Carol, good morning to you too, it's brrrrr here.

  5. I suppose stash-diving into your "own" stash, would be the same as enjoying Christmas dinner when you have been the cook! - your threads look so inviting, but I have to say that I don't think the Flora is boring at all, in pink! And when you look closely at the Altin Basak, the colours seem to be forming a logical pattern.

  6. Hi Maureen, stash diving when it's your own is DIVINE!


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