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Friday, January 08, 2010

And then there were THREE!!

What should the postman bring to my house when things got back to normal...but a little packet. Inside was a very, very cold little Leprechaun who had been on his way since the 14th of December...thats 3 whole weeks.
Yes folks! he had missed Christmas!!
He was so cold that he just lay there in the pretty green tissue paper...looking up at me with his big blue eyes.
He hopped out of the wrapping and demanded to talk to Fergeal...without so much as a by-your-leave.

Now Fergeal and Tadgh were still trying to get a glimpse of Blathnaid and had been on duty watch by my computer ever since!!
They were taken aback when the newcomer rushed in and announced that he was moving in!!

'I'm HERE' he said,
Tadgh hopped down from Fergeal's shoulders and they were soon deep in conversation, plotting heaven knows what!!

My goodness he is one determined little Leprechaun, just look at the three of them. Poor little Tadgh had never seen anything like him. ' Look at his chin' he squealed, 'look at his big eyes!!' Fergeal took it all in his stride.
Finally I got a chance to read the long letter sent with him and found that his name is Nollaig....that's Irish for name! Ironic as he had just missed Christmas.

Now we need a bit of history here I think.

Last  Christmas if you will cast your minds back, several little leprechauns set off for foreign parts.
Well unbeknown to us here at Tatskool Leprechaun Lodge....there was someone out there who was sooooh desperate to have a Leprechaun that she went and TATTED one....yes you did read that correctly.......she tatted her own from scratch...having only seen photos of them.

Now that I see one in real to speak...I am amazed at how she got the height right...and the colours and the shoes...and Oh My Gosh the ears are just wonderful.  And of course she could give him that wonderful pointy chin that is so leprechaunish. Of course he is a lot older (in more ways that one) than my fresh faced little scallywags!

That's why we will have to keep an eye on him!!

Now we have learned later that it seems that his maker mum was busy attending to him at the very same time that here Fergeal was doing his isn't that amazing....and neither knew what the other was planning.

I fact we have learned that when battatter...who is in fact his mum....went to the post to send him on his way to Ireland....(let's face it where he really belongs!!)........she was amazed to find on her return home that very moment...that in her letterbox was a packet for her with Ruari/Rory inside.

I just bet she was staggered!

At this point in time when Nollaig left home, don't forget Conor (the tatted lep) had not seen Rory (a real lep), Tadgh had not seen Conor (a tatted lep), Fergeal had not decided to take on an apprentice.....and none of them had ever seen a purple cow..oh no that's another story altogether! sorrry.

Are you still with me????

So they all clambered up to get a look at the photo that I showed them on my screen from battatter of Conor and Rory. Conor trying his best to take the Rainbow Bright from the userper (or so he thought)!

You can all imagine the thoughts that are going through my mind now that there are THREE of them!

Oh by the way, I hope that all the other lep mums will copy and paste thier stories into the Leprechauns own personal blog  ....It's a Leprechauns's in my sidebar so that these wonderful stories can lie one after another for all the leps to be able to read for eternity what their siblings/cousins have been getting up to!!

BTW Nollaig is carrying a lucky Escudo...where did he find that, the boys are curious.


  1. how neat!! Those leps are so darling I hope to someday get one :) Congrats on the new mischevious little fella :)

  2. Ho ho! As if you didn't have your hands full with two! How wonderful! Isn't Battatter every so talented! I am so happy for you both to share in such wonderful story!

    ...Brenda and I are super busy..but we will share our happenings soon!

  3. Hee! Hee! Methinks you will have your hands full!! I saw Battatter's blog about this new lep, but I didn't realise he was TATTED!!!! OMGaaaaaaaaaawsh!

  4. This has been so much fun! - it was a wonderful Christmas-time, reading about all the new leprechauns.
    I have been thinking that you should put them all into a book - it would be great! Perhaps with a few tatting patterns to go along with them - "A Lep For All Seasons".

  5. How sweet so now you have three and I am sure that they will keep you entertained. I also hope to get one someday as well L.O.L. Maragretha. Qld. Aust

  6. great story! I had seen the escudo online years ago, as someone was saying it looked like it had tatting on it. It is from Portugal. So.. when it came time that I needed a special coin for the leps... I remembered it and got them on ebay. Funny, how they are the same size as your Irish coin!

  7. Three????? You better sleep with one eye open!

  8. Hi Heather, glad that you like them.

    Thanks LSM, Battatter is a genius. Dying to know what you are up to.

    Hi Katie, thanks for the push to go an look at her blog, hadn't seen it, a superb post was waiting for my eyes. I was gobsmacked last year when she tatted Conor, how could anybody want one THAT much!!

    Maureen your book idea is wonderful, shall I stop tatting to write it!! I am not sure who its audience would be tho!!

    Hi Maragretha, Fergeal's list is longer than my arm, no wonder he needed an apprentice!

    Hi Battatter, it's nearly as good as your story. So he is Portugese Irish, darned leps get everywhere!

    Hi Krystle, maybe I should lock them in at where tho????

  9. ....Tatskool said.."I was gobsmacked last year when she tatted Conor, how could anybody want one THAT much"...
    Because they are so darned ADORABLE, that's how!!

  10. I now have a blog site to be able to keep up with everyone and I have added your blog to mine. Margaretha Qld. Aust.

  11. Aw Shucks! Battatter.

    Welcome to Blogland TypsTatting


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