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Friday, February 19, 2010

Transitions No 1 'ROY'

Way back when I first dyed Rainbow Bright.....I got a bright idea!
What if....
I took just 3 colours from the Rainbow and dyed them on their own.
I would be able to make the transition between the 3 colours much slower bringing in intermediate shades.

I was dyeing/dying to see what they would look like,
would I like them!

But time and other projects always got in the way..

Until now!
I finally got round to trying out Rainbow Bright Transitions, and here is the first one of the series....
code named ROY!

Now when I try out a new colour way....I dye a 15 yd skein.
From it I know that I can tat a Heart's Desire and a couple of Butterflies and that will give me a good idea if it will work. These are the best designs that I know to showcase a thread. The heart is big enough that the colours are spread out and don't fall into large 'pools' and distract from the design. The butterfly takes a yard of thread and so takes in all the shades.

So here is my ROY....trial.
That was pretty vibrant, I wondered if I liked it
but it grew on me.
So I got to thinking what does it remind me of ...

I can't keep calling it ROY, not a very dynamic name for a dynamic thread.

Now the funny thing about this series of threads is that they are not that I haven't tried to represent anything in particular...just to play with three colours that are next to each other in the rainbow. So I now have the task of of fitting a name to the thread instead of the other way round.

The first things that I thought of were hot and fiery. I looked up furnace and they were the very colours in molten glass...but I didn't think that Blast Furnace was a very evocative name for a thread.
Next I looked up volcano...and yes it reminded me of molten lava, maybe Lava Flow would be a good name.

IsDihara of Ambitatterous is in cahoots with me over these threads. I sent her a sample pack to see what she would make with 15yds of thread.....and to ask...which ones she liked....what did they remind her of...and to think of names....not a very tall order!!
Wow did you see the gorgeous motif she is tatting with ChocoRaspberry...see it here. She even has me going thro' my tea stock, today it's black tea from Mauritius with vanilla flavour...gosh I expected real vanilla!!
Back to the job in hand.....she came up with great ideas...I loved what ROY reminded her of.....go look on her blog and also see what she tatted.

Then I showed the House Elf the Heart and asked him what it reminded him of. Now he remembers every flower and animal that he has ever heard of.....and this is what he said...
It's exactly like......ammm...ammm.... I can't remember!
But then he did remember
Now in my neck of the woods Lantana is a beautiful and desirable house plant coming in shades of red and orange and yellow, often all three at once. But in Australia (correct me if I am wrong) we found that it is a pernicious weed!
Well a little while later there was a cry of this is it and indeed it was.

Isn't that just something.
Spurred on by that beautiful photo I decided my thread needed to be tweaked just a little to make it even more vibrant to be worthy of its name

When I had dyed several skeins of Flame Lantana and they were laid out to dry....I was besotted....they are gorgeous. the heap of thread blew me away.

I have to admit to being so excited and wanted something to tat that would do it justice....little flowers would do the job.
I found this design by Jon called Heart O' Daisies and couldn't wait to tat it....I have given myself a week off before I tackle my next TAT project.

Here 'tis.....together with another butterfly and some flowers,

So what do you think?? If you pop over to Fox's Blog you can see how excited she is with the sample I sent her. Dying to see what she makes....sooooon!
'Fraid you will have to wait a while for Transition No 2, these things can't be hurried, perfection takes a long time!!


  1. ROY has turned out to be a fiery and bewitching colorway indeed! Outstanding job!

    Hee, hee, I will happily be in cahoots with you anytime!

  2. Dazzling and full of life! What stunning thread. I shall be looking at my tatting bookks straight away to see what shouts out orange-red!

    Fox : )

  3. Gore. Geous.

    Love the color intensity

  4. I love Lantana! Dave puts some in our yard every summer. That Heart o' Daisies is the perfect showcase for a lovely thread!

  5. Really pretty ~ just amazing shades. xx bev

  6. What a stunning colour and soooo vibrant!!! And you are right the Lantana here in Australia is a pernicious weed.

  7. Makes me think of fireworks! I like lantana too, we just don't have much of it around here so it wouldn't be my 1st thought. I like bright colors.

  8. Gorgeous colorway! Flame Lantana is a perfect name for it.

    I recently tatted the "Hearts Desire" pattern, and found it to be my favorite pattern yet for showing the colors of a variegated thread. I'm glad to see you think so too!

  9. Hi IsDihara, ROY is indeed fiery, love having you along with me.

    Hi Fox, hoping you will inspire me, you motifs are always gorgeous.

    Hi Crazy Mum,thanks for your great words!

    Hi Diane, we have never grown Lantana outside, would be good. Heart O Daisies was such a lucky find. What can I make next!

    Hi Ridgetatter, glad you agree, I keep swinging from vivid to pastel...quite strange!

    Hi Typs, thanks for confirming it, it was so funny when we were told that.

    Hi Gina, Fireworks, great didn't think of that.

    Hi Cindy, I think I saw your Hearts Desire, glad you like it too...and my colours!

  10. That colorway just screams summertime! I love it, love it, love it. I love lantana, too. The past three or four years it has been growing in a large flower box on my balcony. It kind of reminds me of Heliotrope, another favorite.

  11. Oh those lantanas are one of my favorite flowers. I love the colors! The thread is GORGEOUS!!!! I will definitly have to try it out!!!

  12. Noxious weed here! There's even been a movie made, with that title, to symbolise the 'tangled web we weave....". We live by a river, the lantana blooms are all out now, but they have choked the paths - we have to wait for the council to come and spray them to eradicate them every year.
    Your thread is much prettier!


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