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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pause for a birthday and a party!

Not related tho!
Daughter's birthday yesterday, this is the card I made for her.....3D Decoupage.

She texted...."Took my son for an ice cream",
First time I have heard her call him that. he is 21 months now.
Sent a tingle down my spine.

The summer tat party......tat, talk, tat then eat.....preferably outside. Showed them all the things that I have made for the wedding and they advised on alterations to my outfit.

The new display stand for my little trees is finished at last and it's like little friends have returned to their home.....more about this after the wedding when I promise you a blow by blow account....If you think you can stand it.

The whole area in front of the stand has been 'done up' and it's BEAUTIFUL.
I set up a table and chairs there with the umbrella into the washing line hole and WOW.
Then it started to drizzle.... I had booked this good weather weeks ago so finally the weatherman remembered and the sun shone fit to crack the stones.

How I love my party with my tatting friends ..they are the best.
Wish you all could have come....they brought such goodies.The house elf made yummy Broccoli and Stilton soup. Someone even brought a mackerel smoker to have hot smoked mackerel.....but it didn't work. Well can't have everything.

I am on cloud nine.....
Have to get back to earth and concentrate on the last lap....getting to the fun stuff!


  1. Aw
    You sound so happy. I know what that's like doing what you love with people you love.
    Wish I was there.

  2. Hi Connie Wish you were here too,but great bloggie friends even at a distance are what makes my world go round.

  3. Your birthday card turned out great! I am in awe of crafty folks like you who can turn out such pretty sentiments for loved ones and make it look so easy!

    Wishing I could have been a fly on your new garden wall during the summer tat party. You must be so pleased to have the bonsai area completed.


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