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Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding takes a back of Feargal!

Wedding preparations came to a dramatic halt when I got a message telling me to go straight to the Leprechaun's Blog for important news!
(You can always find a link to the Leps blog in my side bar. )

What could it be.......followers of Feargal's World Tour must have been wondering what had happened to the little fella!

Well it seems that our intrepid World Tourer overdid it a bit......way too much partying and late nights took their toll on our little fella......that and skateboarding into the early hours so that he could compete with his one told him to take it easy.

Well Miss Scarlett did but he wouldn't listen.....and so he was ordered complete rest for a couple of weeks before he was allowed to continue his tour.  Miss Scarlett fussed over him as you knew she would.

Completely recovered he went on his way, another flight another day.

He has landed safely in
at the home of the fearless Oisín.

This is what Oisín's mom had to fantastic rhyme

Twas the day before Feargal

One day this week, I walked down the drive,
to see if the post had per chance arrived.

I was checking the traffic with not a little fear,
when two wee voices reached my ear.

I looked in the mail box and what should appear,
but an envelope screaming "we're in here, we're in here!

We can hardly breathe and it's terribly hot,
wherever we were headed, this can't be the spot."

I'd heard a rumour of a Leprechaun travelling 'round,
so I suspected the source of this indignant sound.

I tore open the envelope with excitement and trepidation.
Would it bring happiness or cause a sensation?

Inside was a box that said "open here" on the end,
I did so and out popped dear Feargal and his friend!

Gasping for breath and bent at the knees, he said
"This is Miss Scarlett. She is travelling with me.

My name is Feargal, my mum sent me on tour.
She said I'd find Oisín my cousin, behind your door."

"We are most glad to see you", he said wiping his brow,
but I just can't talk any more right now.

Could you bring us a cold one and let us sit for a spell?
We have lots and lots  of stories to tell."

I brought them inside with their travelling gear,
and whispered "Be quiet" in Feargal's ear.

"Our Isaac is asleep and you'll have no cooling down,
if he finds another Lep has come to town.

He'll be up soon, as will Oisín.
Let's get you both cooled off and you will be ready for them.

I didn't give them a cold one, which might seem mean,
but a Lep drinking alcohol isn't a good thing.

We had some iced tea with lemon and a sprig.
I thought Miss Scarlett was going to dance a jig.
We got them settled and went through their treasures.
So many things of beauty it was hard to give measure.

Treasures from his mum and souvenirs to take back,
the box is getting heavy. It is packed, packed, packed!

By this time my boys were coming awake,
and I wondered how long the discovery would take.

Not long at all, as luck would have it.
the Leps danced with glee and Isaac had a fit!

Oisín introduced Isaac to his visitors with glee.
They were all so intrigued no one even noticed me.

Isaac is having some trouble with Feargal's name,
but he'll get it just the same.

"Miss Scarlett" rolls off his tongue and send me to giggles.
(I don't think he learned that accent from watching "The Wiggles".)

I settled them down with some cookies and cold milk.
Miss Scarlett said it tasted like silk.

Then up from the table for fun and games.
My living room will never be the same.

I am not sure who is busier, 2 Leps or a boy,
but they rode every car and played with each toy.

They told stories and laughed until Isaac's mum arrived,
and then trouble started like a working beehive.

You see Isaac was 'reluctant' to leave the celebrations,
but knew that his mum would hear no protestation.

He tried with his granddaddy  and he tried with me,
but we never interfere with mum, no indeed!

Isaac went home and Miss Scarlett said "Goodnight ",
The Leps stayed up talkig until first light.

They had lots to catch up on and questions to ask.
Granddaddy finally had to take them to task.

"Now you have stayed up all night and a new day is here,
Isaac will be back and you are not ready - it is clear.

You'd better nap quickly and catch a few winks.
Our boy will be ready to work out the kinks."

They had barely dropped off when what did appear,
but Isaac and his mum, "I'm here,"I'm here.

Where are my lep friends and where is Miss Scarlett?
I want to play, let's get started!"

Thus the first day of Feargal  and Scarlett's visit, but it's not over yet, now is it!

Isn't that so cool, can't wait till the photos start rolling in.


  1. I guess I'm off to the leprechaun's blog! What a cute poem! ;)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  2. I adore this poem....ummmmmmm


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