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Saturday, October 18, 2008

25th Anniversary

No not our anniversary!!

Last night we were guests at the 25th anniversary of our Wildlife Park.
I was a wonderful night of dining and dancing, speeches, presentations, balloons and party poppers and a lovely reminiscing photo show......

but what I want to show you is THE CAKE!!

Made by a local lady it was a WOW!!

I hadn't taken my camera thinking that there would be nothing to out came the camera phone,2 megapixels is not bad in an emergency but i could have done with a flash. So not great quality but you get the idea.

There were two cakes one was a 2 and the other a 5.

The cake was yummy too, but I don't know how they could bring themselves to cut it.

Back in the fund raising days everyone at the University was asked if they would contribute 10 pence a week to help to fund the park. We still do but now its the huge!!!!!! sum of 50 cents a they say every little helps!


  1. Eating the cake, maybe....but not those animals! - I hope they weren't eaten!

  2. NOT by me they weren't!! my piece had spotty cheetah icing.
    I can never bring myself to eat the sugar decorations my daughter made for my cakes. Guess she will be making fun stuff for her baby's cakes soon. Only 8 days to go!

  3. These cakes are marvelous. I couldn't have eaten the animals either! Ooh, only 8 more days. I know you are super excited!

  4. I love the cake - I wish I could make those (mum did when we were young but I have not yet gone there yet. But with 5 DNw and DNcs maybe its about time). Learned my lesson for not bringing my camera - so now everywhere I go its with me.

  5. The cake looks great! Whoever made it did a super job!


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