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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Apple Blossom time AGAIN!

Remember my Bonsai Crab Apple Tree.....the inspiration for my Apple Blossom HDT way back in 2008...gosh looking back at that post I had forgotten that it looked that good.

By 2009 it was only a shadow of it's former self.

2010 and it had survived the Bonsai Table collapse of the Autumn of 2009.

BUT this year it looks superb.....sorry to bore you with even more photos...but I couldn't take my eyes off it. We had such a hard winter....but it must have suited this little chap....either that or it has loved being on the NEW Bonsai table.....sorry I still haven't got round to showing you all about that achievement....but I will...eventually!

Sadly it's now past it's best, but how glorious it's season is.
I must, I must dye more Apple Blossom thread, it was just gorgeous.
I am having renewed enthusiasm for my little trees in all this glorious weather.


  1. That is beautiful! And yeah, I've been wondering if you were ever going to dye that thread again...

  2. It is a wonderful bloom. The colours are sublime.

    You can dye thread like that? Yesssss!
    Fox : )

  3. Just stunning, so much blossom from a little tree

  4. From time to time, I've wondered how the rebuilding turned out, so yes please, I would love to see a post about that! Amazing how the little tree not only survived, but thrived through the adversity - just shows that you don't always have to "bend with the winds of change".

  5. OOHH your Bonsai Crab Apple Tree is gorgeous!! I do remember the post of the table colapsing. How have the other Bonsai's done this year? Hopefully as well as the Crab Apple.

  6. Isn't that lovely! All those beautiful blossoms!

  7. Oh Thank you for the photos of your bonsai crab apple tree. So lovely.

  8. Thanks all...I am dying to dye apple blossom again...just need an extra day in the week!
    Hi Fox did you read the post with that thread featured?
    Hope to show more bonsai photos soon, two harsh winters did more damage than the storm in which the table collapsed...but this little apple loved the cold...brrrr!


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