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Friday, April 08, 2011

Goodies galore!

I haven't showed you the other lovely piece of tatting that I received at Christmas....

....from my good friend Sally (from Tat's Heaven).
It's sister Jane's Flurry Snowflake that she designed for her Christmas Give-aways.
very Christmasy in these colours.
Thanks Sally  for thinking of me.
More goodies to show next time.


  1. Love the Flurry Snowflake - so pretty in those holiday colors.

  2. One of my favourite patterns. I actually have one, saved for ME, on my table, tatted in very much the same colours as this one. Love it.

    I also love seeing you post!
    ♥Fox : )

  3. The Flurry is a lovely pattern, and fun to tat - I made several of them as well, to enclose in Christmas cards - kept one for myself!

  4. My goodness fancy seeing this snowflake again. I made so many of them before Christmas. Actually just making, for the first time, that famous gecko named after you.

  5. My! sounds like it was a popular pattern, I never did get round to it...looks like I might have to.
    Gosh Sally, cant wait to see your gecko! I still haven't written up the leaf tail for it...MUST DO SO!


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