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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meeting The President!

Yesterday our President came to town for a very special event.
 I have told you about...and shown you photos from our dearly beloved wildlife park lots of times.
We are one of the top 5 tourist attractions in the country...and we are SUPER.
The conservation elf is on the Board of Governers so we got to be invited guests.
It was very much a whistle stop tour for a very busy lady...we were lucky to have her.

She came,met everyone, toured the park...

on one of out tourist trains.....this is the other one,especially loved by the me!
She gave a superb was touch and go if the rain would hold off..
she couldn't believe how much freedom and space the animals have.
The park does a wonderful job. liitle Rua the baby red panda is going off to start a new life soon and hopefully help to make more red pandas!
Next she unveiled a commemorative plaque alongside beautiful bronze cheetah sculptures.

This is just in front of the new entrance/extension...on the park side. cant you see the curtains in the first photo? the people who work in the offices have cheetahs just outside their windows...real cheetahs!

The extension also includes a new gift shop/cafe complex with outdoor seating. Just opposite is a new enclosure with Meerkats and Mangabey monkeys, which can be enjoyed along with a cup of coffee.
Look at the stunning natural woven fencing.
She shook hands with so many people and posed with little children who had had their faces painted and their mums.....and me too(shook hands that is!)
Sorry that I can't show you lots of photos.....
but here she is elf chatting with the conservation elf.
She was so genuine....we are so lucky to have her as our President.
Sadly she had to leave after only a short visit and we all had to continue the celebrations without her.
A ride on my favourite train and a yummy buffet and a walk back past the animals....
can you see the Ring Tailed lemurs who enjoyed the day too?
Super, super day.....we will be back to the estate on sunday for the annual Rare and Unusual Plant Sale...and on Easter Sunday with the grandson now two and a half who adores all things train!


  1. Great post. She looks like a super lady. Good role model material!
    Fox : )

  2. Been there!!! Good to see the place again and a familiar face too.
    Glad you enjoyed the day.

  3. I have been in hysterics; it does sound as though people can "order" meerkats and moneys with their coffee..............I haven't had mine this morning, perhaps that has an inverse effect on my sense of humour!
    Lovely sunny weather, and your elf AND the President both look to be very warm and lovely people.

  4. WOW! What a wonderful park that must be! I guess I liked the lemurs in the picnic area best, though! Are they really OUT where they can come up to people picnicking??!! What FUN!! ~Tatikan/Sher

  5. Your wildlife park is incredible! And a Presidential visit too? My, oh my, what a special event indeed.

    Love all the gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I always enjoy when you post about this wildlife park. OH how colorful and attractive the trains are. And such a special visitor to the park, very special indeed!! I can't believe the lemurs, so many of them and they are out where people picnic, they must be a very gentle animal. Thank you for the post!!

  7. She is a fabulous role model and we have to replace her in November as she has been President for 14 years.
    Ah Sally (who knows him) spotted the conservation elf in his elephant tie...forgot to tell you that was he.
    Yup Maureen we DID order Meercats and Monkeys to go with Coffee...very funny!

  8. yes Carol the lemurs wander freely within the park, sometimes they can be a nuisance especially when they would like to be fed...but they are so cute and its wonderful to get so near to them.


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