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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Goodies Galore 2!

Next to show is a box of goodies from Ridgewoman in New Mexico.
A while ago I won a give-away on her blog for guessing the origin of the name of the gorgeous pussy, Pippa who is the star of her blog heading.
The box itself is a gift....
.....before the excitement of wondering what it contained....
I couldn't even remember what the prize was...but I think it was some HDT and a shuttle.
That HDT sure looks nice.
It is Yarnplayer's Sugar Maple dyed on Cotton Floss, that's a new experience for me.
There was also Yarnplayer's Forest in size 50. One of the very first colours that I got from her to tat geckos. That's a while ago!
OK I will open the box and show you the contents...
....drool over all those goodies...I did!
The shuttle is one of the new Boyle plastic post shuttles with a pick....going into my collection (and to use sometimes for pleasure of course).
Two lots of ribbon, great for mounting tatting on to make bookmarks.
3 eazy that how it's doesn't have the name on the bobbin....another new novelty to try.
2 lengths of very unusual beads...for jewellery and a bag with more beads in..little hearts and some findings.....a ball of Valdani dark green floss...will go with the Sugar Maple.
Oh and a ball of Lizbeth 40 in lemon yellow....that's already been used for one of my latest projects.
Almost at the end.....for Feargal there was a Serape for cold nights round the camp fire. Donnacha gave this up without much of a fight!
Tadgh says wherever you are you heart out 'cos he saw it first!

Did you see the gorgeous tatting at the front, a snowflake and a medallion for the how we loves to get our hands on someone elses tatting.
Oh so pretty.
Finally there sitting on top of the box on the Serape is the cutest little bear.
It's turquoise from a mine in Arizona and is a fetish 'mmm maybe with mystical qualities' common in Indian decoration. Can't read where from it looks like S.W.Arnes  but couldn't find that on Google.
She said that she had fun stuffing the box and she sure did stuff a lot in was like Christmas again.
Thank you so much.


  1. Can`t stop drooling!!! Oh oh, the key board is wet!!

  2. That little box has really traveled and has stories it could tell. When it came to me it held shuttles and goodies from Diane; so I thought, what better box to use than one that had already brought joy to a tatter. xxx bj

  3. Such TREASURE from the Ridge. Ooh, ooh, ooh! Really lovely goodies.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Hoping that you fall in love with the EZ-Bobs and all the rest. (Methinks you have...)

  4. That's so nice that the box came from another tatter,brings me too much joy to pass it on tho'!


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