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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Eggstravaganza 5!

Tatted Easter Eggs by Kirsten Wind Hansen
I must admit that when I first got this book I was not all that struck by it. A lot of patterns looked much the same as a lot of other motifs only blocked to be egg shaped!
But once I got into tatting the patterns numerically instead of cherry picking my favourites, they began to grow on me and I wanted to give it a fair go! I won't have time to tat every design several times as I would like to, but I will tat as many variations as time allows.
I hope it won't be quantity rather than quality!
No 5 looks pretty ordinary until I began to tat it and then its beauty hit me.
Even my trial is lovely.
I should have scanned this against a black background before I stiffened and shaped it.
I suppressed the desire to take it in reverse to see what it would look like!
Mmmmm! I thought what about making this look like an egg with the yolk in the center and the white on the outside.
I made the picots graduated to make the white a bit more fluffy.
But it's not egg like enough....thought process gets going....why not give it and eggshell.
Cool I got out an egg and compared it to my new selection of browns in my Gingerbread range.......and Cinnamon won.
Added some beads to fill in the yolky center a little.
Changed the stitch count of the yolk quite by accident...wondered why it had little peaks in the middle and added an outer round of cinnamon chains.
Now I need to know what it would have looked like if I had tatted the correct/original stitch count!
It looks so like a cream Easter Egg
This design has so much more potential to explore.
The outer round of chains finishes it off to perfection.
Stiffened and shaped....but not the third one

As as addendum to lassies were tatting this design (from their books) when two of them shrieked 
'Oh No'
They had both joined the rings together in the inner round. One of them hadn't got very far, the other had several rings made and was blowed if she was going to untat!
We told her that it wasn't a mistake, rather a new pattern!
She went home having got this far...

.......and returned two weeks later with this little beauty.

Isn't that lovely and the mix of yellow and orange beads is beautiful.
the little Easter chicks were impressed too.


  1. Of all the egg motifs in the Kirsten Wind Hansen book (I own it too.) No. 5 is my favorite. Putting on the shell is so brilliant! A scalloped eggshell is the perfect finishing touch. Hats off to you and your lassies once again!

  2. Ooh! A happy mistake! I love all the eggs you've shown. I especially like seeing the one on the table in front of the chicks. It looks good enough to eat!

  3. Your use of color really makes the design pop. I think this design would probably not be appealing in a single color, but in two (or three) it is wonderful!

    Your lassie's new design is also quite attractive.

  4. What interesting variations! I enjoyed the post so much. Really lovely eggs.

  5. I think of all the eggs you have done, this last one with the shell on it is my absolute favorite! I really really love the color combinations, it looks like a cadbury egg to me, and I even like the mistake egg, it turned out to be a whole new pattern that isn't a mistake at all, but a new beautiful egg!

  6. Thanks everyone. This has to be one of my favourites of all time. Glad you like.


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