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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Wishes

My very favorite thing to do at Christmas is to go and watch the Christmas swim on Christmas morning.

There is something very exhilarating about watching dozens and dozens of hardy people rushing into the very cold sea while we stand all wrapped up in the cold,cold air.

This is just a taster, just a few of them. Lots of them go in in their Santa hats and come out to hot drinks and hot water bottles and blankets. Brrrrr!!!
This was last year and what a beautiful day it was. We are promised dry cold weather so far so fingers crossed for a good swim!

Here is my Christmas card to you....the photo is also from last Christmas...this Christmas day our daughter will spend in her own home for the very first time with hubby and baby Fionn. Our son has already arrived with his partner and a car full of games. We hope to see baby Fionn and family after Christmas.

I promised you some more pictures of my Silver Disc tree...very difficult to get good photos. I finally stood it in front of my black fridge, so here goes... Fergal the Leprechaun decided that he stand at the top.

...and just one taster to show you how much is loaded on to it.

On my tree as well as zillions of items tatted by me are snowflakes, angels and icicles tatted for me by.....Jeanne H, Mary O'D, Jane Eb, Sally Ker, Gina Br, and Laura B.

I hope to have a things from a lot more tatters next year!!!

Next time I will show you some of the other snowflakes on my tree from past years.


  1. This tree is lovely. We had an old silver tree when I was growing up. Oh, how I loved that thing. It was my most favorite tree and I thought it was the most beautiful Christmas tree. I was so sad when my parents trashed it to get a more modern fake green tree...that was an ugly thing, LOL! It was one of the first fake green ones, does anyone remember how awful those looked? Not nice like the fake ones today.
    Your tree looks beautiful with all the tatted ornaments from yourself and friends! How special that must be for you! Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours!!! :)

  2. Ha! I spotted that angel first thing for some reason. Lovely tree. Your goddess will come to you after the holidays and I'll let you know she is on her way.

    Wishing you both a wonderful and loving Christmas!

  3. Hi Chic, what a shame you lost your old tree, that happens so often with old fashioned things. Merry Christmas to you.
    Hi Gina, hope you would be able to see it. Happy Christmas to you too.

  4. LOL Here they call it the 'polar bear' plunge! I'm afraid I'm not that brave. I don't do cold at all :)

    Just met Brendan over at Sherry's blog! Your little leps are so adorable!!!

    Love your Rainbow thread too, such beautiful colors!!!

    Have a great week and stay warm!!!

  5. Hi Connie, we don't even swim in our sea in the summer!!
    Thanks for the compliments and Happy Christmas to you.

  6. LOL I can believe that. Just here in the 'northern most' part of Idaho,,,it has to be pretty darn hot before I even consider it.vailly

  7. The Christmas swim looks fun for those watching! Thank you for the Christmas card. Your tree is so pretty. It is amazing on the closeups. Wish I could see it in person. Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and get to see the rest of the family soon!

  8. Your tree is wonderful! It must be stunning to see up close.

    You truly are an amazing tatter. (amazing artisan actually - in order to include your other crafting talents!)

    Merry Christmas

  9. Hi tattycat I wish you could see it too!! maybe you would want to take part!!!!!Brrrrrrr!

    Bonnie, you are way too complimentary, you will make my head swell. noo noo don't stop!


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