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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Secret Santa Gifts to Connie

Just thought I would show you what I sent to Connie Angeline in Gina's tatting Goddess Secret Santa exchange. It's a wonderful way to make new friends and to get a little bit of someone else tatting to drool over..that is a joy forever.

I hope Connie enjoys all my gifts and much as I am enjoying mine from Ellen. I know that she likes her leprechaun!


  1. I sure am enjoying my gifts. You are a very talented tatter and fibercraft artist. And generous too! I will take pictures of Finian and post to the Lep blog, life is just hectic right now.
    I can say Finian will be traveling to Denver in the next week. He wants to see the Colorado Rockies and perhaps ski a bit!

  2. I love reading about all the tatting exchanges... who knows, maybe some day I'll be organized enough to join one!

  3. Lucky Connie! She got one of your leprechauns! It looks like you sent her a lot of wonderful goodies! :)

  4. Hi Connie, can't wait to see what Finian gets up to.

    Diane, this exchange is fun maybe I will venture into more one day.

    Chic..I know...I know!!

  5. What lovely gifts you sent to Connie Angeline. Congratulations to Connie. Hope Finianh enjoys his trip to Denver.


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