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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here are some I made earlier!!!

It's almost New Years Eve...all the family are here, both our children and other halves! and Baby all heck has been let loose....Fionn has grown so much (2 months old now) and is such a good natured baby that he can be forgiven when he cries.

BUT...there will not be much tatting done in the next week..nor much

Back to 2007 when I was too busy showing you animals for my challenge to show you snowflakes.

I decided to take one or two patterns and see what could be developed from them from simple to complex. I'll show you one of these.
This was a pattern from Rozella Linden's book 'Easy Tatting'. I gradually added beads from 6 to 12 to 24...and then mounted the last one in a sparkly ring matching the beads. Then I used a varig Altin basak thread and finally tatted it in pale blue and white using flipped and unflipped stitches ( the name of this escapes me at the moment!)in the outer chains.

Two more actually made it to the tree and not the display sheet, mounted in toning sparkly rings.

I also played with Jane Eborall's Holly and Mistletoe Celtic Wreath pattern.
This is as she intended it to be....

this one in different colours..

These two did both make it to my tree this year.


  1. Those are awesome! I can't even pick a favorite of them, because they all are. And I think the technique you can't think the name of is a lock stitch chain.

    Have a Merry New Year 2009!

  2. I know you are all having lots of fun together. Enjoy! The snowflakes are beautiful. I am glad that you posted them. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh, wow, that is incredible! I love Jane's Holly and Mistletoe celtic wreath! Anyway, all of your pattern tweakings/thread/bead combos look fabulous! :)

  4. Oh Wow! So uh, are trying to catch up with TattyCat's snowflakes? If you are you are doing an EXCELLENT job! They are all so gorgeous.

  5. Several years ago I went to a tatting workshop at the Ft. Wayne guild that was taught by Mark Myers (Tatman) and one thing that really opened my eyes to design was one members tatting of a snowflake that I had considered somewhat obscure and even ugly until I saw how it changed with her use of color and beads. WOW!

    I love it when you show how you add to and change the original design.

  6. Steph, Lock stitch chain that it thanks.

    Tattycat Lots of fun yes we are.

    Chic, have you made Jane celtic wreath, I was glad I tried the different colours.

    LadyShuttlemaker...I reckon I can beat Tattycats number of snowflakes on a tree!!!

    Gina, One of the things I like to to best is to make more than one of every pattern an see how different it looks. I don't generally change it much but respect its integrity. Last years experiments were fun to do... more to come If I remember.
    I am so much a technician!
    Glad you like them.

  7. I knew you could beat me. I just knew it!


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