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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Spinning Wheels

Taking a break from Snowflakes to tat some Christmas present Spinning Wheel mats heavily influenced by Diane!

My first one I blogged about a while ago (Sept 28th) was in size 40 and used Blue for the rings and Rainbow for the chains.

Now I decided to use all Rainbow in Size 20.....

I was really wowed at the way this turned out. If you look at the colours at the edge of the mat, the orange to red to purple repeats almost exactly in every outer chain.

How cool is that!!!

This obviously relates to the circumference of my skein and to the width of the chair that I wind my skeins round!! It will be the same for any of my hand dyed threads that I use to make this mat, providing that I tat at the same tension and make my picots a similar size of course.

Naturally I had to make another one to see if the repeats happened again but expected them to be in different colours this time.....

and it did!

My third one...has red/purple/indigo on the outer chains.

In size 20 the mats measure almost 5in/just over 12cm and use....approx 14.25 metres on Sh1 and 9 metres on Sh2...thats 23.25 metres out of a 45 metre skein so you only get one out of a skein but there is lots left to make snowflakes.


  1. Mmm right, Diane reckons 9 hours per spinning that makes 27 hours of pure tatting not counting shuttle winding or measuring thread!
    Well done though, they are amazing, and it is so satisfying when the colour repeats in that way.

  2. They are beautiful! I will be tatting up mine after I finish Christmas presents!

  3. Way cool!

    If put to a vote, I think this must be the most popular pattern this year.

  4. Wow, you are right, that is interesting how the outer chains turned out in the same color each time. Makes them interesting to look at. :) That's a LOT of tatting like Snowy said!

  5. Thanks all for your kind words, just what a blogger needs.

    Snowy, most of this tatting was done while I was at my daughters house straight after the baby was born....It kept me sane!!! I tried to time myself...not easy with a baby around!!!

    Reckoning on how long it took to do one repeat I came up with actual tatting time of 5 1/2 hours.

    I do love the way the colour repeats....specially planned of course!!!!

  6. So pretty. I love the way the colors repeat!

  7. Your tension consistency must be as nearly perfect as it can get...amazing as well as beautiful!

  8. Wow, Randi,that's some compliment, thanks.


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