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Saturday, December 13, 2008

No 11, Carrousel

A while back I showed a scan of Carrousel tatted by Tattykat. She said that it was a lovely design so now it was next on my tat list

As usual first in white to see how much thread it well as for the pleasure of a white snowflake.

Then in Rainbow Bright.....

and WOWEE!! as Tattycat showed it is another of Jon's designs that repeats exactly with my thread...just look at the outer that a perfect repeat or what!!!...I love how it does that.

Tatted in size 20 it measures 7cm, 2 3/4inches and I used...6.25metres on Sh1 and 2.25metres on Sh2.


  1. THat is fun the way it repeats itself in the colorway. Jon's designs are so much fun to see realized!

  2. I knew you would love it, especially in your thread. Humm.... I need to try it in other hdt's to see how the repeats go.

  3. Another beauty! I like the idea of tatting the snowflake in white first to get an idea of how much thread you need. Heaven knows, I've plenty of white in my stash!

  4. Those regular repeats can make or break the resulting motif. Superb planning! You did plan it that way, right? (wink)

  5. I love seeing the pattern tatted in white and then in color! I find it fascinating!

  6. Amazing how the colour repeats of the Rainbow Bright keep falling in place with each snowflakes.

    It is a weird kind of coincidence. I have to say that I did not plan anything with Pamela to make it turn out that way, LOL. But, it can't be denied that the Rainbow Bright is a lovely HDT.

    I hope the other ladies in your group are having a wonderful time tatting up the snowflakes as well.

  7. That is such a lovely design and you couldn't have arranged it better with the colour repeat than if you had tried! LOL

  8. I love it! That Rainbow Bright is such a fantastic colorway. I enjoy seeing what you do with them. The contrast from white to color really shows how color can add a whole new dimension to a pattern. More! Show us more!

    'Carousel' is my favorite snowflake from Jon's book. At first, I kept getting my shuttles confused when I'd go to switch. Now I just keep little sticky notes with Shuttle #1 = pink, Shuttle #2 = blue (or whatever color I am using) so my brain doesn't get scrambled.

  9. Wow, so glad that you all like what I do and the way that I do it.

    As to Jon and I planning colour repeats, wouldn't that be a cool, thing to do. I can' t even begin to imagine how difficult that would be, especially in a pattern where you are constantly changing shuttles.

    Just think how many other colour repeats might happen with different HDT dyers and different thread sizes!

    You will never know 'till you try.


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