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Sunday, December 07, 2008

No 9. Floret, a tree and a Lep update!

Floret is a seemingly simple snowflake!!! Simple if you are good at SCMR's(Self Closing Mock Rings) that is.
One I could do.... several I found needed a little knack to get them right, and after making 14 of them to put in Christmas cards...and on my tree, I have the knack..YEAH!
I will never fear SCMR's again!

When you get the knack it's a great fast little pattern to use up all the ends of your HDT's that aren't long enough for anything big bit too long just to make butterflies.
I only need to use 2.75metres on Sh1 and 30cm on Sh2 (you may need more!!) that's just over 3m total. Tey measure just an inch and a half, 4 cm.

I wanted to buy a new tree to show off my Rainbow Snowflakes, they really dont show up too well, against my small antique green tree ( see last years post to see my in the side bar) or on our big real tree.
I wanted a white one like Laura shows but couldn't get one for love nor money. I only wanted a 3ft tree but no, couldn't find one.

Finally I spotted a 5ft silver tree that I feel in love with. It's called a Silver Disc tree because of the berry like little discs at the end of the silver foliage.

It is also quite open so I thought the tatting would show up well without looking too cluttered.

Her is my naked tree!! The bear loves it!

Once I started hanging tatting on it I realised that it had not been a good choice! The tatting looks so thin that it doesn't show up at all especially against the white wall too. Maybe it will when it gets 'loaded'! It really, really needed lights but most lights have black or green wire but I did get a string of icicle lights that worked really well and its looking better by the day.

When I see how gorgeous the snowflakes look on black I wonder if a black tree would have looked better, they do actually have a black disc tree in their catalogue, but it would have needed a lot of lighting to achieve like the effect of a scan...maybe impossible. Has anybody tried a black tree??

Will show you the tree again as it gets dressed!

The little leprechaun stars all set off on their long journeys last week. They not on my broomstick but on the special Lep RECON jet which goes really fast! and I heard from one of them that he had touched down already, and was finding it hard to breathe! Oh dear! maybe I should have punched more airholes in the package...there are strict rules about this.

Well after the 5 went off and the terrible decision as to where they were going...I really, really needed another 3...... I really, really, really needed another one for a friend who needs a little bit of good luck and support at Christmas...........and so out came the lep gear and I spent all day making another one...instead of things I should have been doing...fortunately I had some bits made ready to remind me next year how I made them ( now maybe I wont remember!!)

Now all my friends who need good luck will wonder if he is going to if you aren't the one, please know that I still feel for you...and if you don't get a lep and aren't in distress..then thank your lucky stars that you are fine.

Here he is ready to go off to do his job, with a lot of love going with him.


  1. Your Floret is beautiful! I also have a silver tree, similar to yours, but without the pretty little discs. I tried putting my snowflakes on a white tree that Dave found, but the whole family said they liked the snowflakes better on the silver tree... go figure!

    I've never seen a black tree, but I bet it would be stunning!

  2. I'd love a black tree too. Actually I'd love to start on Christmas sometime before next July!!!

  3. I think if you were to drape your snowflakes over glass balls that they will show up nicely on the tree. If you haven't stiffened them already..... Now if you could find black Christmas balls that would be even better!

  4. We had a silver tree when I was a little girl and I loved it. We also didn't have any tatting on it so I had no way of comparing...come to find out years later that I was the only one who loved the silver tree in my family, LOL! Have fun decorating for Christmas and sending your adorable little "lucky" leprechauns out! :)

  5. The Floret snowflakes are beautiful! I want a silver tree like the one we had as a child, but they are soooo expensive. Yours is lovely. I have never seen one like it. Maybe when you get it loaded with snowflakes you could put a spotlight on it. No, I've never even seen a black tree. I am so glad the Leps are on their way to bring joy and cheer. The lucky recipients need to be sure and have the breathing equipment ready!

  6. Could a tree be spray painted black....just a thought?
    I think your silver tree will be lovely when it's filled with HDT snowflakes!

    Can't wait to see who ends up with all the naughty little leps!

  7. The snowflakes look great! Good luck at finding the best way to display them on the tree. On HGTV the other day they had a show on decorating trees and they said black was big this year for decorations, maybe there are black Christmas balls out there somewhere - and I never gave it a thought they would be a great background for tatting, silly me!

  8. My silver tree is coming on well and it does shine so much more than a white one would have that I am hooked.

    Have seen black trees but they were not nice ones and I didn't even know that this one was available in black at the time, if one had been on display it might have been perfect.

    Silver seems to be big this year.

    I have 3 trees up now, but only my tat tree decorated so far.

    Most of my snowflakes don't have big enough centers to put over a ball, haven't decorated a ball for a couple of years and I have zillions of them waiting to be done.


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