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Monday, December 29, 2008

Two more snowflakes!

New off the shuttle is this little beauty from the Oasis pattern of Jon's.

Isn't that stunning, silver lined red beads on the white thread and white lined clear beads on the red thread. All threads are Flora 20.

When I picked this thread up in the dark I thought it was red but it's actually more of a fuchsia colour.

Now this is RED!
Back to Jon's Quantiesque snowflake.

Parts 1 and 2 on their own looked so good...
but wait till you see the finished snowflake....
ta da!

In real life it looks amazing, sparkles catch the light. This is my favorite of my Qantiesques.
Again Flora 20 and the same beads as in Oasis.


  1. So beautiful! I love the beads, too. I just discovered your blog. I love the leprechauns, what a really neat idea. :)

  2. More favorites. I'm a sucker for red and white and these are beautiful.

  3. I'm running out of adjectives to describe all the FANTASTIC tatting that's going on out there, but I just had to stop by your Blog, Pam, to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts and seeing all your photos showing all YOUR wonderful tatting AND your creativity and imagination in so many things you do!

    I especially love hearing about Ireland because, believe it or not, I'm part Irish, having been named for my grandmother Katherine Flanagan - which I'm especially proud to mention to people on St. Patrick's Day! So your wonderful photos of quaint Irish countrysides and cities always capture my interest!

    Not to mention your tatting adventures and indeed your life story! You seem to have been blessed with an inredible amount of energy. I believe we're about the same age, but I've led a much quieter life.

    And you've certainly started a phenomenon with the adorable leprechauns!!! I wouldn't be surprised if a book and/or movie deal isn't in the works?? I remember being amazed at Carol's clever and imaginative blog post about William! (Carol's mom is one of the members of our Beaver County Tatters!)

    I also love the variations of the snowflakes that you've been sharing, in all the different threads! I frankly am astounded by the speed at which you crank these things out!!! I'm spending so much time reading blogs that I don't do much tatting! Writing my own blog and reading all the others is almost becoming a full time job - but it's so exciting to see all the 'eye candy'. I simply can't believe how tatting is going "Where no tatting has gone before"! (As a Star Trek fan, I couldn't halp myself!)

    Here's to a Happy New Year to you and your family - and to all the little leprechauns!

  4. Most stunning snowflakes! I personally prefer flakes in contrasting solid colours - that show off the designs better. And thanks for all the compliments on my designs, I'm really very flattered. Thank you!

  5. I love these snowflakes! They look so festive in red and white! The beads are beautiful, too.

  6. I am enjoying watching you make Jon's snowflakes. I especially like seeing it with the beads.

  7. Stitchy Mc Floss..nice to have you reading my blog and best of all leaving comments.

    Tattycat I have to stop myself using red and white too much, it's so striking isn't it!

    Kathy thank you so much for taking the time to write a comment and such a long one. I wish more people would comment.
    I love it when people with Irish heritage come out of the woodwork. the Irish colonised the world didn't they and now my leprechauns aim to do the same.
    As I always say are more Irish than I am!! but I did aquire an Irish daughter and son in law and a very Irish grandson.

    It only seems like I crank things out quickly, I only manage one snowflake a night or even every two nights but I do have a big stash of things not shown yet.

    Singtatter yes I like contrasting solids colours too, make a break from HDT which tends to rule in it's"you never know what it will turn out like" fascination.

    Chic and Bonnie, thanks for your continuous enthusiasm, with out that I would probably stop posting.


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