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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Number 8, Circle Of Crowns

The next snowflake from Jon's book that I tatted was Circle of Crowns.
In traditional white.

and then Rainbow,

don't they all look stunning on a black background???

Another lovely pattern that works well with HDT as there are no sudden changes of thread colour, the colour flows well.
In size 20 thread it used approx 2.5 metres on Sh1 and approx 3.75 metres on Sh2, (you may need more!!).

It's quite small measuring 6cms.


  1. Beautiful! I love how the HDT looks on the black background!

  2. they are beautiful. This is one of my favorite patterns in Jon's book.

  3. So very pretty! Your work is just lovely, Pamela. Your stitches are always so neat and even and well done!

  4. I love these snowflakes!
    I am a touch jealous, because in the end my wrist turned out to be broken and I can't tat for EIGHT WEEKS! I don't know why I torture myself looking at all this pretty stuff. :(

  5. Very Pretty!! I must get this book. Thank you for showcasing all the patterns in your beautiful HDT. You must have made a huge batch of the Rainbow Bright. Will you be making more of this in size 20??

  6. Thanks Diane, I have just bought a silver tree...maybe I should have got a black one!!

    Thanks Tattycat and Chic you are tooooo kind!

    Ouch! Snowy I feel for you, It's not torture it's stimulation for a quick will be back as good as ever.

    Thanks Carol, the book is well worth getting. I haven't actually used all that much thread. You get a fair few snowflakes out of a the last count I have made 47 snowflakes and 4 Spinning Wheel mats and used 6 skeins of 20,...but some of these were short lengths less than 50yds,3 skeins of 40 and part of a skein of 60 plus some solid colours.

    Gosh!! I am ALMOST sick of using this thread!!


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