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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Day 5 TIAS

Just got back from a couple of day R & R (with NO tatting...well almost!!) to find day 5 was I just had to do it!

here 'tis..

it's a beautiful motif. Thank you so much Iris....had I seen this before hand I would have thought that it looked so difficult. I hope that it has proved to a lot of tatters that they can tat seemingly complicated things.

Iris suggests that we could continue and make it into an 8 point doiley. I thought it would be easy to do this with computer jiggery pokery, but it isn't at all easy.

I have just seen that Ladyshuttlemaker has done it beautifully tho. Well done.


  1. Very pretty indeed. I spent way too much time on the jiggery pokery than I should have...but I just couldn't wait to tat the whole thing so see what it would look like.

  2. After another good look at yours I realised why I couldn't do it..I was trying to get 8 complete repeats of our section.....and you were overlapping the edge motifs and the inner grey trefoils.

    I guess this is what she meant us to do. I tried again but it was late and it was still too hard!! mine just didn't fit together....easily!

    Also I really don't know how to proceed to make it into a doiley until I have a big think!!

    Also noticed that you joined the LC trefoils, I wondered if we should but it wasn't in the instructions..I don't think.

    Hope Iris produces a doiley diagram for us all.

  3. Very pretty. Your tension is so even.


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