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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Finished it!

It was my Lace Guild meeting again today and I finished my Drawn Thread Work Bookmark, this is the result of a day and a half's work.

Isn't that just lovely. Its quite big for a bookmark at 8.5in by 3in. Do click on it to take a closer look. That was a day and a half of my life!!

My next project is a Ring Pillow. this is as far as I got this afternoon.

I have just taken out the threads to form the motif in the centre. this is the front of the work.
At the back I have dozens of ends to sew in, like the few that I have already done,before I can proceed. Preparation in the longest part of this craft.

Now if only I did my homework I would get a lot more done!!

I am supposed to make a stitch sampler on my spare bits of linen, before my next lesson!!!


  1. The bookmark is impressive! - I can imagine that it would be quite hypnotic work - what is the fabric? I don't think I would want to learn how to do that, but I am considering a cross stitch project, worked on 30-count linen! - I've bought the pattern and the threads, it will be something quite new for me. One thing that struck me about your bookmark story is how much quicker it is to see a result than it is in tatting! I tat very slowly, a day and a half's labour would not bring the satisfaction of a beautiful, completed piece.

  2. Th bookmark is beautiful! The size is perfect for a coffee table book!

  3. Maureen, the fabric is 28 count linen, which is perfect for a beginner. We should then progress to finer linen, which apparently is hard to get.

    I tat fast to I could complete a small project in that length of time, but I quite enjoyed the change in doing this work even the tiresome bits.

    Mm! Diane, I think my days of coffee table books have dwindled! More like the size for a large print book!!

  4. Your bookmark is really top notch Pam! This is called "Drawn Thread work"???
    I've never heard of it before (yes, I am showing my ignorance). I am intrigued.

  5. I have done 1 small drawn thread piece in a class before. Hardanger too. Nice change from tatting if one enjoys working with needles!

  6. Sherry, there is also pulled thread work that I just found out is different in that the threads are not taken out but squished up against each other with embroidery.

    Singtatter I was shown the difference in Hardanger on Saturday too. I actually don't enjoy working with needles very often...that's why I don't do my homework!!

  7. Your sampler bookmark is lovely! I absolutely love drawnwork, but have never tried it. It is neat to see the process so thank you for sharing the photos. I rescued a beautiful drawnwork centerpiece from an antique store once. I couldn't believe it was only $20!!! I snatched it up. I don't think they knew what a rare beauty they had! LOL! If I can find it I will post it on my blog just for you! :)


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