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Friday, March 13, 2009

Whooo Hooo!

It's official...I am a Queen...and not only for a it only a humble Blog Queen.

Humble ...did I say humble!!!!

I am deeply honoured that Lady Shuttlemaker ( she is in my blog role on the left) has deemed me a Blog Queen.

This is what she says

The "Blog Queen" award recognizes female bloggers who are:

1. SEASONED; She has blogged for at least one year.

2. PROLIFIC; She writes several posts each month.

3. FUNNY; She make us smile with her witty humor.

4. ADDICTIVE; She keeps us coming back for more.

You may accept this award or not.
There are no rules to follow.
You may pass it on as you please.
This is just to let you know that you make my day!

Now that's just what I like, an award with no rules!!!

I know that so many people now are going "no awards" on their blogs...including some of the people who have just been nominated for this award and I did think of doing the same. I love the award but not the passing it on!!! yes I know that is not the right attitude....but...I don't want to annoy anybody, or hurt anybody. Lady Shuttlemaker already picked most of the people I would have picked.

To know that someone thinks that I am Seasoned (not just old!) Prolific, Funny ( I like that one the best) and Addictive really makes my day and makes all the effort of blogging worth while. Thank you Lady Shuttlemaker you have always been a lady in my opinion.

Ok, Ok, I will get back to my work!


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