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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love and Marriage

Weddings have very much been in my mind for the last few weeks.

My son asked his girlfriend to marry him a couple a of weeks ago (great excitement) so that needed an engagement card.

The new Forever Friends sheets are wonderful.

We have been invited to two weddings in England and Wales this summer and so there were acceptance cards to be made.

A simple card but I hope effective. A friend has a shape cutter that makes the little tiny envelopes. The little card inside can be taken out and has the invitation to the wedding written inside.

I thought it would be nice to include a little something blue inside for the wedding day.....

Last year I had tatted Nancy Tracy's Horseshoe design, from her Be-Stitched newsletter.

I liked this a lot but realised that it needed much smaller joining picots to hold the shape.

I thought that a ribbon threaded through would hold the shape and look pretty...but I found that an odd number of rings to thread through didn't work so I added another ring and chain to the pattern...and it worked perfectly.

Of course I also had to add some beads, three on the inner picots.
Mounted on holographic card that catches the light it made a wonderful Good Luck card.

More rainbow beads on the outer picots and a maroon ribbon.

Light blue beads....

just waiting for a ribbon...

ready to to go inside one of my acceptance cards.

Here are my two favorites on a dark background.

light blue beads....

silver lined royal blue beads. Which do you like the best, I hope that the brides will like them.

Tatted in Flora 20 it took 3.5m on Sh1 and 1.5m on Sh2, I added 90 beads to Sh1.


  1. I love this pattern, but I never thought to add beads. I love the effect!

  2. I love this pattern, but I never thought to add beads. I love the effect!

  3. P.S. - Congratulations to your son and his fiance!

  4. The dark blue beads are stunning! To fit this into a card, what size thread did you use?
    What an exciting year you are having, a new baby last year, and now a wedding in the family! I'm looking forward eagerly to see what you will be tatting for this one!

  5. What a lovely card! Congrats to your son and his sweetheart! :)

  6. Congrats to your son and his fiance! The horseshoe looks great. Love the beads.

  7. I like them all, but I'm going to say I like the silver lined, royal ones best. Congratulations to Criss and Lucy!

  8. My goodness!!! What is the deal with blogger! I could've sworn I left a comment here yesterday!!!
    Congratulations to your son and his sweetheart! The cards are absolutely darling! :)

  9. Thank you one and all for you congratulations, she is a lovely girl, he is a lucky lad.

    Sorry Chic that I didn't get your comments posted, I have been away baby sitting and....learning to scrapbook!! yet another craft to master!!

    The thread is size 20 Maureen to fit on/in a card 6 by 4 inches, like the card I showed.

    The dark blue silver lined are my favorite too.


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