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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Treating and treating!

These are the last of this years Black Hamburg (Vitis vinifera'Schiava Grossa') crop.

The Black Hamburg vine at Hampton Court Palace which is now the oldest and most famous grape vine in existence. It was planted by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown in 1768 when he was head gardener there.

Our one is not quite that old, getting on for 40 years. It grows like mad in an unheated greenhouse producing masses of fruit, very sweet but full of seeds.

As always I see a lovely HDT hiding in there, wait for it!

My special friend Suneeti liked the jam and the card (well she had to say that didn't she!)
You can read about how I first 'met' Suneeti here when I was postman watching.

She said she would like to meet me sometime...and little did I expect that to happen.

Last October I had been hoping to get to the big smoke to the Craft Show of the year, for buying craft equipment rather than an exhibition of hand made crafts. But a certain little boy decided to make an early entry into the world and that was that.

Suneeti went to that exhibition last year, and suggested that I come and stay with her and go to the exhibition this year.

Now was that a carrot to dangle in front of my face!!

She even invited us to stay the night before that I could have a FULL DAY at the exhibition!! (She really wanted more tat time with me!!)

As well as craft stalls there are WORKSHOPS on all sorts of I booked myself into two of them...more about that later!

Halloween saw us on the train to the capitol city...except that they had decided to do some major work that weekend and were not letting any trains in to the station!!
Half way there and a fleet of buses had to take us the rest of the way.

Finally, finally I met Suneeti and her delightful family. How strange to stay with someone when you don't even know what they look like!

She is LOVELY, has a husband who got on like a house on fire with mine, and two children that I would have taken home with me.

Her daughter Sarika is 10 and is learning to tat...the 4th generation in the family.

We had such a show and tell, ( I took a box full of tatting) it's not often I get to meet a tatter that I haven't taught and it's not often that she gets to meet a tatter. I think Sarika is going to be doing a lot of tatting now that she knows that someone else does it as well as her mum. She has already decided that she wants a fab new purple shuttle. She loves HDT too!

Suneeti uses her tatting so much more that I do. She decorates little T-Shirts and dresses and make gifts for her daughter's friends. I just do it because it is there!! A bit like mountain climbing!

This little dress was just beautiful. the design is from Mary Konior Tatting with Visual Patterns in a think perle which was really effective.

Next day we were delivered at the door of the show, and wow is this some show.

Stalls stretched as far as the eye could see.......WOULD I HAVE ENOUGH TIME!!

Card making, scrapbooking, millions of beads, fabrics, threads....oh bliss! as well as exhibitions of patchwork and other artistry.

At one end of the hall were four classrooms for the workshops.

Passers-by could watch the class...must do that next time.

I think that is enough excitement and reading for you for one day.
Aren't you dying to see what classes I took and what I made.

See you soon!


  1. Yes I am dying to hear more! So glad that you and Suneeti made friends. She sounds wonderful!

  2. Well, yes and is this an annual event? Meaning, if I were to plan a trip there, I might want to make sure it's about that time of year????

    Now you see....TWO tatters in Ireland now that I did not know of when I was there in 2000, 2001, & 2002. You folks must not have been on the groups lists then because I asked and I asked! LOL!

  3. Yes it annual always at the end of October.
    I wasn't back into tatting and the internet until 2002 and Suneeti has only been in Ireland for 2 years.

    There were 2 at the show but they were not on the guild stand when I saw it.
    There was no a workshop that day either, Suneeti took it last year, but it was only a beginners class.

    There are NO tatting supplies except about 5 books, no good cotton, only perle and Valdani. I knew this when I went so wasn't expecting anything..not even a crochet hook!

  4. The fact that you took the time to take all those pictures is what surprised me!! - you are a Woman of Will, obviously!
    I love Craft Shows, and we have three in Brisbane now. The best is the Fibre Festival, which was held for the first time this year. No patchwork or scrapbooking, but lots and lots of wool, threads, spinning - Fibres!
    I like to make a point of trying something different each time, in the classes, and at the most recent Show, I signed up for Bead Knitting - which was a lot of fun. I came home with a porcelain ballerina doll and hanks and hanks of pink beads to turn into a lovely ornament for my little ballet granddaughter.
    (But I should also have bought the Bead Spinner, the amount of beads to be strung is daunting.)

  5. A certain little girl is thrilled at becoming "famous"! She now wants to try her hand at card-making. She hasn't mentioned jelly-making, yet!

    Best, Suneeti

  6. So how was the shopping? Just looking at these pictures I wish I could have been there walking around and just looking at everything. I can't think of a better way to spend the day than to be somewhere in Craft Heaven.

  7. OOOHHHHH I Wish I could have come to the craft show too. Wow, there are so many booths. I guess you really did need a full day there.
    Hi Suneeti, Your daugther is lovely. Good luck to your daugher in tatting. I'm sure she has an excellent teacher :)

    Pamela, the grapes look yummy!! My DH makes wine, so the seeds are no problem there.

    Thanks again for helping vote Kiski Marching band for band of the year!!

  8. I forgot, does Suneeti have a blog? If not, tell her the tatted edging and motif on the dress is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colors she used, do you know what color and thread it is? Maybe your HDT? BYE!!

  9. The grapes look yummy and the craft show looks like it was fun!

    Suneeti sounds lovely! The dress that is embellished with tatting is so cute!

  10. Pleased you met up with Suneeti, you showed me what you received from her when I saw you in August.
    Amazing Craft Show, but how on earth did you come to take the pictures? Were you suspended from the ceiling?!!!!!
    Grapes also amazing, into to wine making?!

  11. Hi Maureen, LOL you have to be a woman of will at a Craft show. With not having decent craft shops near, my buying is usually PANIC buying! But I didn't succumb! anyway hubby was with me! If I had been with another crafter then that would have been a different matter!
    I wish you would start a blog and show us!

    Hi Suneeti, It is wonderful to watch one's daughter get better and better until she does it better than we do...a bit like watching them get taller!!

    Hi wickedtats..exciting it was indeed.

    Hi Sherry, glad you stopped by...mmm craft heaven...sounds divine!

    I Carol, I wish you had been with me too.
    DH used to make wine from grape juice and local fruits...but now he likes the Good Stuff too much!

    Nope Suneeti doesn't have a blog...busy day.. the edging was lovely in perle 5 ..not my colours tho! but they are lovely.


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