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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Married! One happy day.

As if the cake with the teal trimmings wasn't beautiful enough, the little people on the top had me enchanted.
Specially commissioned from photos of the bridal couple and their choice of clothes...they are too cute for words.

When they were taken off the cake and I could really see the details, I couldn't stop photographing them.
The detail on the dress is amazing, including beads...but the groom knocks me out...even to the specs that he normally wears with the white sides.
See what you think when you get to see the real couple......yes, yes I know that's what you came here for!!!!
Here he is the man of the moment!
Here she comes.....
A really lovely ceremony and it was all over.....
....and out to greet the guests.

                     Compare this shot of the back of the dress with that of the cake people.

Oh! how good he looks in that hat!
He finally took off his hat!

 Now I know you are all going to say.....what did I look like!!!

that will have to wait until tomorrow, or i will never get this blog post posted.


  1. It does look like a happy day! I wasn't aware that a cake topper could be made that looks like the bride and groom... so much better than the generic ones that were available when I was young!

  2. Seems like you can anything done nowadays.The internet is wonderful.

  3. That's really fun! Did it take long for people to notice the topper? Wishing them a happy and long life together.

  4. Didn't see anybody going wild over the topper, but then I wasn't watching. I had the preview in the morning.
    Thanks Vickie and Diane for commenting.

  5. So pleased the day went well, and congratulations to the happy couple. Look forward to more photos especially of you!!

  6. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of the wedding, it looked a very happy occasion.


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