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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Queen for a day!

What does the mother of the Groom want from his wedding day.
She used to be the woman in his life and now like her husband handed over his daughter to another man, it's her turn to hand over her son to another woman.

She hopes that that other woman will look after him and that he will look after her. 
There is an old saying that goes.....

A son is your son 'till he takes him a wife,
but your daughter is your daughter for the rest of your life.

My son has always refuted the truth of this and is determined to prove it untrue.
We shall see!

He is getting a good woman for a wife...and she a good man...but then I am biased.
So what do I want on his wedding day?
I want him to be proud to say...
that's my mum! 
even tho' I know he will only have eyes for her.

I bought my outfit a year ago as I hate to be hassled at the last minute by shop assistants and time.
But like another mother of the groom reported.....I tried it all on...and changed my mind.
well it was just too ordinary.....and potentially too hot for the summer wedding I was hoping for.
I wanted a bit of drama!
How many chances in life are there for this,
very few.
And so I bought another outfit and midnight blue....
to change my mind again.
I tried on Greek Goddess in my favourite turquoise covered in beads, which was divine, but a bit too OTT....
and finally fell in love with a similar style magenta silk maxi dress.....
more Celtic Princess!
and I love it.
By the time I had been through the pampering of hair an make up...I hardly recognised my self.
Believe me I will never look this good again!!!
So here goes with the photos....

The fascinator was gorgeous. The hairdresser told me that she had fixed my hair so that it wouldn't look flattened on one side when I took the fascinator off.
Who said anything about taking it off!!

Full length view.

Looking at these photos I began to much have we changed since our own wedding.

Wowee! 43 years ago.
What a simple wedding it was. My mum made my dress...bridesmaid's mums made theirs. No evening do's in those days, we got into our going away outfits and off we went.
But honestly it was just as good.
My new mother in law had chosen the identical outfit to my going away a different colour. She was mortified as I hadn't let on. Of all the outfits she could have chosen...I didn't mind at all, great minds think alike.

The photographers were brilliant, a husband and wife team both with cameras taking different shots.
She was so funny, instead of the usual 'say cheese', out popped a puppet to make us laugh. She had a tickling stick.....if  all else failed...seen on this photo. Grandbaby was NOT amused....he wasn't amused by much that day! Refused to lay a finger on the ring pillow....poor little mite.

Where we were 2 now we are 7.

The Wedding Breakfast was superb....the tables were all composers...labelled by her mum. We sat at Puccini.
It all looked so pretty. I must be the only person who also photographed the food!

The speeches were the funniest I had ever heard. Tears of laughter rolled down my face. Hearing your son described to perfection by his best man is a once in a lifetime occurrence.

Then we danced until midnight.
Enjoyed every minute.
Gave away 17 lucky horseshoes before I chickened out. The teal and the pink were the favourites, and they wore them on their handbags.
It was worth every double stitch of all the stuff that I (and you) tatted.

It's often said that a wife completes a man.....but in this case he really did need her to complete his collection!

Spot the latest one!


  1. You look stunning in magenta! It looks like a lovely wedding, and a beautiful day!

  2. I say that rhyme to my friend. She jokes her 2 year old son will be hers forever and never date. You look great, the sytle and color really suits.

  3. Lovely stunning outfit, I have enjoyed following your wedding preparations and am so pleased it was such a success. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  4. beautiful bride and groom, and very pretty groom's mum. I have enjoyed your latest posts about the wedding. the cake top is wow! and your tatting is wonderful, I am sure all those who received a horseshoe were very pleased that you thought to tat them.
    you look very pretty in magenta, it is a good color for you.

  5. You look beautiful! Fantastic choice for the mom of the groom - just wonderful!

    Both of you have certaily "aged" very nicely! Loved seeing the juxtaposition of the photos. Nice!

    The wedding atmosphere comes across strongly in all your photos, including the weather and the beautiful venue.Thanks for sharing with all of us this important event in your life.

    ♥ Fox L )

  6. Congratulations to your family! Thank you for sharing.

    After all of that with your outfit, you look wonderful! I enjoyed your wedding picture and now picture.

    It looks like you and your family had a great time.

  7. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with this wedding and you look stunning! Ah...sweet memories!

  8. Ah, the Leprechaun's Mom looks quite posh. God Bless the newly weds and 'olyd weds' too! Lot of love flying your way…bev and

  9. PS Maebh has noticed the tremendous resemblance between you and your daughter. I have to agree! She says you both have the same twinkle in your smile!
    Fox : )

  10. A beautiful wedding with beautiful people!

  11. I read and felt for my parents. Thank you for sharing. A lovely wedding and that colour is simply gorgeous on you. Congrats again!

  12. What a lovely wedding, and you looked FANTASTIC! Almost outdid the bride, I'd say!
    What a great day!

  13. The dress make you look like a goddess, :). Lovely. As are all the wedding pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Everyone in the wedding party looked beautiful, I love the colour you chose to wear.
    Yes, sons have a special relationship with their mothers, I was unprepared for the mixed feelings of both joy and poignancy I experienced on Friday - it's quite different, somehow, from attending the wedding as mother of the bride!

  15. Aw! thanks, my fabulous friends.
    Best compliment ever, my tat lassies were gathered round my computer looking at the wedding photos. There was a picture of me on the screen when one of the husbands arrived,a rough diamond ex sailor, "Is that your daughter!!" he daughter 28 years younger...great. when told it was me by his wife! "You look simply lovely" he said!

    Worst compliment ever....about 15 years ago my father in law was looking at the photos on my fridge. Is that your mother! he said pointing to one with me on. Mother 35 years older and in her mid eighties...not great!

    Best I can say is that they probably both needed new glasses!
    Well isn't Maebh a smart little lep...I look like my mum and daughter looks like me! soulmate! well I think you all are, I wouldn't have shown photos to any one else.

  16. You look gorgeous! The queen wishes she looked this good! Beautiful wedding photos too. I love the comparisons you made and your meaningful thoughts. This is a one of a kind post. Blessings and congratulatios to you all.

  17. Really like your outfit, the colour is so pretty and you do look gorgeous. Also liked seeing the photo of your wedding day. Yep weddings have changed since we got married! So pleased this one went well.


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