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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Post wedding blues! and a new book.

Oh's all over....all that anticipation.....
You were all there with thought.
Will tell you more in the coming days.
Had a great holiday too...will tell you more.

Came home with a rotten throat infection, typical when you let your guard down after an event...and forget to take you preventative meds with you! Who thinks of getting a cold in August!

Postie brought something wonderful today...
Martha Ess's new book.

It's an animal tatters treasure trove.
There is one design in there that immediately took my fancy....but you will have to wait and see!
I haven't tatted for nearly two weeks....last tatted on the ferry going over....finishing horseshoes!


  1. Welcome back from your wedding trip! Looking forward to hearing more about it. We have all gotten spoiled with all the pre-wedding posts.

    OOH ~ I am so envious that you have received your Critter book! I will be picking mine up at Tat Days at the end of this month.

    By then I'm sure you will have tatted your way through the whole book and have loads of lovely critters to show. ツ

    If any of them are particularly well-suited to Zoo Flakes (or a small Zoo Doily) I would love to hear about it.

  2. Donnacha and I greet your return! Donnacha has been after me to take photos of his new 'digs' and his summer activity. He is going to California in the Fall…He loves BB's back yard. I told him there would be plenty of photos then! LOL

    I so admire all the work you did on the wedding. Lucky bride and groom; treasures for them. The little bears were so enduring.

    I tatted a "hello Bear" from Karey's, "Make Many Merrily" It was one of those "deceptively easy" projects. LOL

    Happy Tatting love, bj

  3. Aw shucks guys, I wish that day could have gone on forever!
    Tatting , tatting ...what's that! Going into Bonsai mode!
    New digs Donnacha...must see!
    Oh to be going to tat days, but i will be going through you.

  4. After all the time spent in preparation for an event it can be a bit of a let down. But you have all those cute animals to do, and of course share them with us. Looking forward to seeing them. Hope you get over that cold soon.

  5. I was thinking what an appropriate "blue" book to buy to chase away the doldrums - and, when I ordered my copy this week, I also began envisaging the gorgeous pictures we'll see when you begin to work your way through the entire collection!

  6. Congrats to the happy couple and to the proud parents. I am wondering what caught your eye in the book. Do take care of that throat.

  7. yes I agree, for me the anticipation is often better than the event and I don't actually want it to happen. But in this case I didn't want it to end.
    Today I still feel like "...." So must go and blog, that always cheers me up.


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