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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Wedding Stuff. Part 8a My Final Project!

This is the last thing that I am going to tat...honest....well not ever! I hope not.

Last year I tatted Nancy Tracy's Horseshoe to put inside wedding cards.
I loved the effect of adding beads and a thought it would be nice to make one for the bride...just like Lily Bear has.

Silver beads and gold ribbon, tatted in Size 15 that I bought in Germany some years ago, the tatted bit measures just under 3inches.I don't know if she would carry it or not.

Then I thought wouldn't it be nice to have one on my handbag to match my outfit.

Tatted in size 20, measures a little over 2.5 inches. Silver beads and ribbon as near to magenta as I could get. the bag is leather with a pewter do they do that? It even came with it's own cloth bag to store it in until the next time.

I liked that so much...that I had to make one for the bride's mum....this is a guess to match her outfit.
orange ribbon, heamatite beads.....maybe should be a pink one.

Then for the three bridesmaids.

Two different turquoise ribbons and two different silver lined turquoise beads.

Oh dear I am sure you can see where this is leading.

This is becoming an exercise in colour. Not the colour of the thread, that's all white but the colour combos of beads and ribbon
and I can't stop!
Two for the Bride's sister and the Groom's sister.
Both with a dark blue ribbon, one with silver beads, the other with Montana shiny beads.

Still couldn't stop!
maybe my female relatives and a friend would like one, that's another 8.

What would they like, what will they wear?
Silver beads, gold beads, silver ribbon, gold ribbon.

Turquoise beads, two colours, silver lined and transparent, two kinds of silver ribbon.

 Haematite and silver ribbon, silver and a pretty new blue ribbon with a silver edge, turquoise and gold.

 While i was making these, my best brownie/guide leader friend told me that she has breast cancer and had a mastectomy a couple of weeks ago. We have been Brownie leaders together for 10 years until she decided to reopen the Guide company as he girls were now that age. She is a wonderful leader.
She was starting chemo this what should I take ..
inspiration....changed the ribbon in one of the horseshoes for a pink one..

She was in amazing good form...very positive, a Guide really does smile and sing under all difficulties.
She said she would take the Horseshoe with her to chemo and pin it to her to her T shirt.

Am I out of my mind
more horseshoes to show you tomorrow.
They are so easy to make, I can make two in one evening. ...more speed tatting.
But what will I do with them all ????
I am stuck in a horseshoe rut, you wouldn't believe that I bought more ribbon today in gorgeous colours to match my beads.
They look so much prettier in real life than they do in the photos.
I need someone to shout


  1. So many lovely horseshoes are sure to spread an abundance of good luck.

    Amazing, as always.

  2. Thanks Martha, I hope they do.

  3. STOP STOP STOP I'll take over and tat one for another tatting friend who has just learnt that her breast cancer is back after eight years.

  4. Oh yes Geraldine do tat one for your friend, that's rotten luck.

  5. Ohhh - but they're gorgeous, you do realise, don't you, that you are going to have the most awful wedding -tatting withdrawal symptoms after this weekend - hope you've picked a nice juicy project to rise above them!
    (and now, of course, "I" have to tat one too, do you think I will be able to get it done by the 27th?)

  6. Lovely horseshoes. My favourites are the gold beads with gold ribbon and the silver beads with pink ribbon. Lovely!!

  7. I know Maureen, I will be at a loss and prob will tat more's automatic. Will take tatting books for stimulation!
    Do tat one they are so easy. For the ribbon to thread thro' evenly make 15 chains, first and last have 9 stitches others have 10. Any other help please ask.

    Umi, I love it that you have favourites. I always ask hubby, which do you like best and he always says, why do I have to choose!!

  8. I love them all! Each and every beautiful one!

    But then, I have a real horse shoe hanging in my closet - the right way up, of course, so you are preaching to the converted!
    Fox : )

  9. Thanks Fox....and you have Maebh! I love them all too, but I can't keep them all!


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