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Friday, August 06, 2010

The two of us and the two of them!

This is a card I made for hubby for our 43rd wedding anniversary in June.

I thought this image was beautiful.
So here we are..the two of us trudging strolling along, on our way to our son's wedding.
I hope that they will be as happy as we have been.
Hubby thought this was even cuter that I realised because the two hedgehogs look like two Tenrecs. 
He has a pair of will have to google Tenrec if you are interested...long story.
Enough to say that they are not related to hedgehogs but to elephants and hyraxes!

And a card for them.


  1. Happy anniversary to you both. Such charming cards!

    I had never heard of Tenrecs, but after Googling them, I am utterly charmed. Such darling little faces. Does hubby keep them in an enclosed habitat or let them roam freely?

  2. Thanks IsDihara, They are cute and live in large enclosure where they have a happy life.

  3. I hope the wedding will be/has been wonderful - what a lovely family reunion for all of you!
    Off to Google the cute Tenrecs now.

  4. This is so sweet! You are both very blessed to have each other and such a wonderfyl marriage.


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